Free bananas & Community

What do you do when you go grocery shopping and unexpectedly get a lot of FREE [ripe] bananas... banana bread of course.

Although banana bread is by far one of my favourite cakes; I had never made it before. Luckily I had a little helper. He was eager to assist in the process. Maybe a little too eager because I think he ended up eating too many of the mashed bananas as he was "helping" me bake.

 Since I had never made banana bread, I quickly looked up recipes online. There are a zillion recipes so I just picked one that seemed easy. Here's the one I made [except I added some chocolate chips]. And it was delicious.

 This is pretty much what I do for every recipe that I've never made before. Which made me wonder; how the heck did people cook back when the internet wasn't such a valuable resource. At which point the hubby pointed out that back then people learned by watching others cook. And he's right, of course. Everyone wasn't as isolated as we are now. If you didn't know how to cook something there was always someone around to help. You'd ask your family, friends and neighbours.... there was a community of support. Support that extended much farther than just the exchange of recipes and cooking tips.

 So, I was feeling pretty lucky about being able to search the internet for recipes, until that conversation. I'd much rather have a community around me... Though, I am luckier than many because I have my family nearby. But wouldn't it be nice to get together with friends and neighbours and be able to learn from each other on a regular and continuous basis? And I'm talking about more than just on the occasional "girls night out" kind of thing. It would be nice not to be so isolated from everyone around us.

How do you feel about your situation? Do you have a "community" of support?


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