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Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUTRILITE®. (Any opinions expressed are 100% my own.)   11073512926_d5a24ae171_o   Wouldn't it be great if "An apple a day" really kept the doctor away? It's not far from the truth, but as we all know by now - it's actually much more complex to take charge of our health, even if we try to live simply. Personally, I feel like every day there is a new article about what is good for us and what isn't - and it leaves it hard for me to believe who and what to trust anymore. From organic, to gluten-free, to vegan, to non-GMO, to paleo, to Atkins, to juicing for micronutrients, to counting your macronutrients, to points systems - my head is spinning. We try our best to feed ourselves and our families what is healthy - but when "healthy" changes seemingly with every new magazine article, and companies are often behind the marketing of new "natural" products, how can we know what's missing in our diets?

red apple Science is a solid place to start, and usually the best place to find answers about your health and the health of your family. I feel like our vitamin cabinet (which I labeled with a cute little vintage "apothecary elixirs" printable!) is just constantly overflowing, and every time I stop at the drugstore I am picking up a new bottle of supplements that are supposed to be "good for us" - my husband is almost worse than I am at our little addiction. But then that afternoon drowsiness still hits daily, and I find my nails chipping along with my polish, and the shower drain gets clogged with my hair more often than it should. So all of these extra supplements, plus a relatively clean diet (I mean, if you ignore those peppermint brownies) and I am still seemingly missing nutrients from my diet - how is that even possible? More importantly, what can I do to fix it? Unfortunately, most modern health care professionals are little to no help (in my opinion) when it comes to this topic. Unless you see a professional certified in nutrition, most doctors are not equipped with the best knowledge, or legally can't offer advice on supplements - as many of them are not regulated by the FDA. In general, I've experienced the cookie-cutter rule of thumb response to err on the side of caution, or that more studies need to be done before any significant impact on health can be determined. I remember as a teenager, nursing a swollen ankle from cheerleading - my doctor advised me to not even drink chamomile tea, as it was unclear the side effects of many herbal and nutritional supplements. Ha! I can't imagine my life (or my once-colicky babies' lives) without chamomile! This is why I am thankful to have found the NUTRILITE® Supplement Recommender. This scientifically-based tool is easy to use and identifies tailored options for supplementation. Instead of playing a guessing game of which supplements I should be adding to my diet, this has helped me to learn which are personally best for me. By answering a series of questions about my diet and lifestyle (some of them surprising!), I was provided with an individual game plan so-to-speak for taking charge of my health. The best part, in my opinion, is that I can trust the credibility. NUTRILITE® is a premium brand of supplements, and I feel confident that the research and efforts they put into their products are safe and beneficial to me and my family. To try NUTRILITE® Supplement Recommender (free!) for yourself, please visit this link. I was excited to find out what supplements will better improve my personal health, and I feel like I have a little more control over closing the gap between our eating habits and what I should be eating more often. I can't wait to see the positive impact that the recommended supplements will have on my overall wellbeing. In addition to taking supplements, the tool also helped me to identify lifestyle changes I may need to make - like getting a little more sunlight each day (too much computer time!), making sure to keep my reproductive organs healthy while I am still in childbearing age (no, I have not been diagnosed with baby fever again just yet - whew), and trying to serve my family healthy fish for omega-3's more often. And lucky enough for my readers, you may receive a health boost as a gift from NUTRILITE® below! One grand prize winner will be randomly selected to receive a MyPack Supplement Pack. This prize is valued at $800.00 and includes men’s and women’s pack, perfect pack, heart health, immunity health, bone health and healthy aging supplements. The giveaway will run from December 2 at midnight EST to December 9 at midnight EST. Good luck! Please leave a comment below this post: Did you find the NUTRILITE® Supplement Recommender helpful? What supplements were personally recommended for you, and how will this knowledge help you take charge of your health?


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUTRILITE®. Take charge of your health and get your Supplement Recommender Results here:


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