Free Online Christian Weight Loss Support Group Meetings on Sunday Night- Join Us!

Victory Steps is a new Christian weight loss coaching program that is specifically for women. It is different from every other conventional weight loss plan because the main focus of the program is on growing spiritually, learning to manage stress and building self-esteem. The root cause for weight gain often comes from past pain from childhood, broken relationships, lower income and many other different reasons. This is why Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Coaching for Women takes a different approach to address the emotional needs of women, by coaching them and encouraging them to talk about their feelings and aspirations for the future.

The Victory Steps program also gives guidance and support for healthy eating and exercise habits with a weekly coaching call for women all over the world.

Starting on April 29th 2012, Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Coaching for Women will host a free weight loss support group online and over-the-phone via conference call every 4th Sunday. The free support group meetings will provide a special way for women to connect and share their own personal experiences with other women who also are struggling with weight loss.

Every 4th Sunday at 7pm Eastern/ 4pm Pacific  there will be a topic of discussion that has an accompanying printable “spiritual breakthrough” journal exercise available exclusively at after logging-in and becoming a free member of the website.


This is a labor of love for Victory Steps creator, Bonnie Mechelle. She has lost over 100 pounds by using the power of prayer, diet, exercise, support and consistency. She has helped hundreds of women to break free from obesity and depression through her holistic healing programs. Her unique approach to weight loss has made her the go-to person for women who have “tried it all” and is ready for a fresh new start.

Learn more about the Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Coaching for Women at or call (888) 509-8450 Ext 2 today.