Free from Stereotypes

  I am from Kentucky, and during the Thanksgiving holiday I have heard severeal of my friends and family refer to themselves as rednecks or hillbillies.  I have heard many people rage about the stereotypes that surround people from central and eastern Kentucky. Now we have found ourselves embracing these.   Is it 'if you can't beat it join it?'  No matter what the stereotype is if you want to fight it the least effective way to do that is not by making fun or pretending to embrace it;  it's embodying the opposite of the stereotype you're trying to run from. 

  I refuse to play dumb and pretend that I am just some stupid redneck woman who likes to have babies and sit around with no shoes.  I work hard, have fun and embrace the world around me trying to soak up some culture. 

  I challenge each and every person to take a stand against stereotypes.  No longer should they be an issue of entertainment, but a serious challenge to overcome and opportunity for growth. 


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