Free Stuff – for saying what you think!


Another way that I have been grabbing freebies and trying out new things over the last couple of months is through signing up for ‘market research’ style online agencies.


Now it’s not what you might envisage.  These businesses connect you with companies who would like feedback and promotion for their products.  It is as simple as signing up online, filling in a survey and perhaps putting up your hand for a project every now and again.  You end up with freebies (anything from food products, books, experiences and household products) and usually by providing your feedback and opinions of the product your job is done.  That’s it.  Free stuff (and GOOD free stuff for you and your family).

My top ‘Review for free’ sites (these are sites that I regularly utilise here in Australia) are:

-  Mouths of Mums

-  Soup

-  Red Gallah

It really is worth it.  I have had free coffee, kitchen appliances (usually $90+ in stores), latest releases and much more!  Not only are the freebies great – it is fun! :)

My latest voyage into the ‘reviewing’ scene was organised through Mouths Of Mums (great site, worth a look!).  I was given the task of reading and reviewing ‘Reconstructing Amelia‘ by Kimberly McCreight.  I was so excited! :)


What you probably don’t know about me is that he smell of a new book makes me positively dizzy with excitement!  I kid you not, if a new book makes it into my hands, the first thing I do is flick the pages with my nose right in there.  I LOVE it!!

So you can imagine my excitement at having been chosen to read and review a new release!  YAHOO!  Seriously, the perfect job for me!


This book is beautifully constructed and a real page-tuner.  The story line is centred around a mum searching for answers around her daughter’s death.  Originally informed her daughter’s (Amelia) death was a suicide, Kate (Amelia’s mum) starts an all consuming search for answers after she receives an anonymous text stating: ‘AMELIA DIDN’T JUMP’.


This search uncovers the inner-workings of her daughter (Amelia), demonstrating how little she (Kate) in fact new about her daughter.  It features a wide array of interesting and relatable characters that all contribute to the set of events surrounding Amelia’s death.  It also features the use of conversations portrayed through Social Media – which really helps ground the story in the real here and now.


This is me….hiding from the kids & housework….as you do…

The book has the voices of the Mum (Kate) and the daughter (Amelia) clearly depicted throughout leading you through a wild set of events to the moment of Amelia’s death.  The mystery surrounding Amelia’s death is the focus of the whole novel and allows the story to move fluidly between the two characters.


I didn’t pick the ending – and to me that says something…I usually do!


Seriously could not stop reading this book! Read until my eyes could not read anymore!

I really loved this book.  The mystery element really drew me in and I could not stop reading!

I Highly recommended this book!!

If you have not given reviewing a go – get to it!  It really is a lot of fun and you really do ‘score’ some great stuff for free! :)

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Please note: 'Reconstructing Amelia' was given to me in return for an honest review via Mouths of Mums.  The opinions expressed within this post are my personal opinions of the novel.  No money was given nor accepted for this review.


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