Strawberry Cream Pie for One

Nothing is better than fruit with chocolate, am I right? This little pie isn’t too sweet, it isn’t too big, and it’s just enough chocolate and just enough fruit—even Goldilocks would be satisfied. ...more

What Direction is Your Moral Compass Headed? Is it Pointed in the Wrong or the Right Direction?

Each of us have a moral compass. Some are pointed in the wrong direction. Each of us have a responsibility to do the right thing even when it feels uncomfortable....more
Parthenia Queen Thank you :-)more

Power Packed Smoothie

PROTEIN PACKED SMOOTHIEPosted by Let's Have Mixture in Breakfast, Smoothie ...more

Christmas morning.

Good morning!Girls!I think someone has been here...Merry Christmas. (I can still hear her voice.  She had the nicest way of waking someone up.) ...more

Crap! I Missed A Day!! NaBloPoMo Fail.

Oh, the horror.  Oh, the disappointment.I missed a day of NaBloPoMo. A NaBloPoMo FAIL!...more
bluestmuse YES, 30 posts in 30 days is fine by me! Sometimes, you just gotta break the rules.... ...more

The Pail and Shovel List

My Dearest Lady,I have sat down to write this letter so many times, and nothing wants to come out.  I cannot believe you are turning one — how can I write a letter commemorating an event that I am completely unprepared for? My last baby is no longer quite a baby....more

In My Kitchen

The photo above is my itty bitty cooking space in all its antithesis of glory. I'm talking about this kitchen is a HOT MESS....more

The 'Pasta alla Norma'

The real sicilian Pasta alla Norma....more