The 80s Called. They Want The New Kids on the Block Back, But We've Got Them!

Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jon, Jordan. Any girl of the 80s (and some boys) need no further introduction.To the non-Blockheads of the world, we're of course speaking of THE boy band - New Kids on the Block or NKOTB....more
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Still Stepping

I love a good streak. ...more

10 things to remember during the (domestic) adoption wait

Eternal hell. That’s where I thought I was when we were waiting for a match before J came along. According to Adoptive Families, it’s estimated that at any one time one million families are actively seeking adoption, whether they’re wading through all that initial paperwork, worrying over travel arrangements or sitting nervously next to the phone, waiting for a call…any call. If you’re considering adoption for the first time, I have a little unsolicited advice for you from someone who’s been through that hell not so long ago. Read more... ...more