10 Things that Make Me Really Happy

My children — watching them be happy and succeeding in whatever they want or need to accomplish from the littlest thing to the grandest endeavor.  Getting hugs from them and sharing their lives is an unbelievable privilege.My husband — when he’s happy, funny and affectionate, there’s no one else like him, and I’m relieved he’s mine.When I have a fun, laughter-filled time with my good friends and also those times when friends relate to you, and you share that bond of understanding.Reading — good books and magazines thrill me so ...more

The Bad Luck Detective Challenge: 10 Things About Me

10 things about me that may be interesting... 1.) My husband and I crossed paths 5 different times before we actually met (one of the times I served his table when I was a waitress)2.) At the hospital when I was born they had a mix-up, and they gave me to the wrong parents for a day 3.) great sales, deep discounts, free stuff and generally saving money on a purchase makes me giddy4.) For two decades, I've struggled with pica. ...more
Meant to be! --You and hubby.more

10 Things About Me

Here is my list in response to Bad Luck Detective's Challenge to her BlogHer Friends:1) Met Paul McCartney and chatted with him shortly after meeting my husband to be.  Paul put his arm around me while we were talking and I pretended we were dating.  Told my dear Allan that I would never have left him for Paul  -- but I might have, maybe.  ...more
 @Lisa Stone Hi just saw your comment.  Wish you did live next door, as I bet you have a list ...more

10 Things About Me

When Suzie Ivy tells me to jump, I damn well jump. (It's the pink cuff links that do it.) And I jump, even when that jump means I have to do a 10 things about me meme. Yep, that's how forceful Detective Ivy is. So here's my list, of more than 10... with a little help from some of the folks who live here....more
Gee! How did I miss this? Must have been because I was on vacation, Tweeting with KarenLynn and ...more