Is YOUR breakfast local?

This month, our eco-challenge at BlogHers ACT Canada is to eat locally. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, unfortunately, eating locally doesn't necessarily mean eating food that comes from your local grocery store. It means being aware of the sources of the food that is sitting on those supermarket shelves. It means buying food that was grown within 100 miles of your home. ...more

One Hundred Miles To Better Health

I gave birth six weeks ago. Since then, I've lost a lot of the baby weight. Partly because the baby that I was carrying was so huge that his expulsion from the womb represented a massive weight loss, and partly because I've hardly been able to eat anything since he was born, what with his unremitting need to be held ALL THE TIME HOLY HELL. Hardly anything but cookies, that is, and maybe the odd bagel or two. Which, you know, is not the best post-partum diet. ...more

There is sure a lot of adjustment when a baby comes along.  So my tip, as cliche as it ...more