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100 Words + Photo Friday: Monkeys & Movement

I've always loved monkeys. As a child I desperately wanted one as a pet, even though I was told that they were dirty and smelly and would bite. My sock monkey "Charlie" was my favourite toy, and I was devastated when he was lost in a move (though when I was a young adult my grandma gifted me with a new Charlie monkey, which is still in my possession). Though I'm not much of a collector, I do have several of the wise trio of "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys around my home. Monkeys. Huh. ...more

100 Words x 2: Stop and Think

What if, as an experiment, whenever you opened your mouth to speak, you stopped... and thought... about the effect your words might have about how what you say might be heard about how you would feel in the listener's place I wonder. Most of the time, even after thinking, you'd probably continue to speak. And it would be ok. But maybe... sometimes... the thoughts you had about the words you were about to say might motivate you... to say something kinder or gentler less judgmental more positive or, to say nothing at all I might just give it a try. ...more

100 Words: Live Gently

Today's thoughts: What if you – what if every one of us – not only endeavored to tread lightly, taking care not to damage or destroy... but also made every effort to intentionally leave things better than they were when we first found them? What if you – what if every one of us – not only treated others the way we ourselves would wish to be treated... but also went the extra mile to deliberately bring goodness and beauty into others' lives? What if you – what if every one of us – not only existed... but also lived mindfully? How wonderful it could be! ...more

100 Words: Behind the Keyboard

I am continually astounded by the freedom some people seem to feel while hiding behind the safe anonymity of an internet screen name... the freedom to be rude, unkind, even downright cruel to their fellow human beings. I have a difficult time understanding what on earth possesses them to treat others with such disrespect, as if they had forgotten that they were speaking to an actual person, and not just a collection of typed words on a screen. Then again, perhaps these people are like this in their everyday lives when meeting others face to face? A frightening prospect indeed... ...more

100 Words: Fate or Freewill?

Life. Is it that everything happens for a reason... that all the pieces of the puzzle are designed to click nicely into place, with the end result a beautiful, complete picture? Or is it that everything happens, and it is up to each of us to take those neutral happenings and decide what we will make of them? Part of me wants to believe in deeper meanings, magic, fate. Another part feels much more secure with the idea that we have choices and are in control of the picture to be painted. But honestly, I do not know. I wonder. ...more

100 Words: Summer Soon

And then one day it arrived, bursting onto the scene with a flourish and startling their collective unconsciousness with its unexpected vibrancy. Suddenly even the simplest things seemed profound and delightful - greens were greener, the blue sky stretched for miles and the air smelled like warm honey. A feeling of hope - they'd forgotten about hope while bundled up against that long stretch of gray dankness - infused their spirits and brought joy to their hearts as they lifted their appreciative faces to the sun in anticipation. That day the world woke up and smiled again. ...more

100 Words: Past the Struggles

Writing can be a scary prospect. To start with, many of us struggle with our own inner critic – that persistent voice whispering, "You have no imagination and no creativity," and, "Nothing you do will ever be good enough or worth anyone's time." Then, when that voice is silenced (or at least muffled), comes the fear of exposure - of your thoughts, manner of expression, skill level - to others' criticism, their ridicule, or (perhaps worse?) indifference. So many roadblocks! But... persisting past the struggles to find that perfect word or turn of phrase that’s just right? ...more

100 Words: The future can wait

When I was a kid, it felt as though time passed by excruciatingly slowly. I was forever looking forward with great anticipation to something or other... Christmas, birthdays, summer vacation, growing up... and to me, these events were an agonizing lifetime away. Now, as an adult, I wish I still had that perception. Though time actually passes at the same speed as it always did, it feels as though my days, weeks, months, and even years fairly race past in a frenzied blur of happenings and changes. As a child, I longed for the future. Now, the future can wait. ...more

100 Words: Some Days

Some days, I wonder how anything ever gets done in this world. I mean, seriously – between passing the buck, walking on eggshells, covering our collective butts, skirting the issues, and trying not to step on anyone's toes, so much of our precious time seems to be wasted on stumbling around in awkward circles instead of actually going anywhere or accomplishing anything. Some days, any attempt to change - to progress - feels like trying to run through a waist-deep sea of sticky molasses, sluggish and messy, the dark creature from your nightmares bearing down on you as the sea thickens. ...more