The Case of the Disappearing Miles

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Hallowed Half and 10K

Well I went and picked up the race packets for D and I yesterday.  Here is a pic of the shirts and I think they are pretty awesome!  I’ll update Sunday what our times are, hopefully less than a 12 min mile.  That’s the goal anyways.  Here’s to drinking nothing but water for three days and eating healthier.

June Fitness Goals: 10k

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsStop by for healthy recipes and running inspiration: there! Happy Saturday!Things are finally slowing down a bit and I took advantage of the beautiful Friday we had yesterday....more

Sole of the City 10k Recap and Cheer for Erika #BostonStrong

Hi! I'm Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runs here it was. The big day I have been waiting for. Eight weeks of training with Charm City Run, came down to this exact day. I have been preparing myself to run The Sole of the City 10k....more

The Biggest Loser

I feel like I've been in a bit of a life rut lately. Not in a what am I doing with my life/ why am I here kind of rut...but a Why am I treating every meal like it's a wing eating contest kind of rut. In the past I have written a little bit about how it's hard to be motivated for me to go to the gym. I've written about how I love food a little too much. ...more

The Very Great South Run, Portsmouth, 2011

It's an exciting event, no?! I certainly think so anyway. Well, take a look at this blog on the Great South Run. I agree with the advice, very sound, right on target.You NEED to start training. The sun is shining and it's 20c outside at the moment. I have a twisted ankle which has been in a cast for the past month, but I already have a plan of action to get fit when I can manage to walk. WooWeee... one certainly does appreciate their legs a little more when they can't use them for a while....more

Running: when not to listen to your body

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10k: check

This morning (Sunday) I ran my very first 10k. That’s 6.2 miles. Or in my case, 6.34 miles (according to my Garmin 110). My brother ran it too, and his GPS said he ran 6.35 miles....more

Salem 10k

Well this is awkward to I'm going to pretend like I don't need some clever icebreaker post or anything.  Just go read the "about me."  So I ran my first 10k last Saturday.  It was I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.  My goal was to finish without stopping.  I was assuming I would take 70-75 minutes.  Umm...try 58:41!!!  It took me that long to run 5 miles the week before, so I was in total shock.  I have never been more excited than when I saw the clock from a few hundred meters away! ...more

I Love the Smell of Torture in the Morning

Running. Three miles. A 5k's worth. Five miles. Each week it increases. I've yet to find a route I like. The hills around here- they break me. You would think I would be a finely tuned running machine by now but I'm more like a cranky, old dog who has lost her bite. Cross-training three times a week. It's back to Body Pump at the gym since Shredding has effed up my knees something fierce. Oh wait, that's right....more