Boxer vs. Fiorina: 10 Questions & Video Answers

BlogHer has partnered with 10Questions, a project of the Personal Democracy Forum, to bring citizens' questions to political candidates. Here, we put the spotlight on some of the answers by California Senatorial candidates Barbara Boxer (Democrat) and Carly Fiorina (Republican). Question: Net Neutrality ...more

Questions for Candidates? We'll Get the Answers.

BlogHer is undertaking an exciting effort again this year to bring campaign news and information to our community, including from the candidates themselves. We're proud to announce our partnership with 10Questions for the election, a great program put together by our friends at the Personal Democracy Forum and funded by the Knight Foundation. 10Questions brings your questions to the candidates, and provides a simple interface to get the answers. ...more

Great ideas. It's too easy to tune out the noise of politics. If we stand up and take part the ...more

10Questions: My Healthcare Question For The Candidates

Morra Aarons asked me if I would contribute to the 10 Questions project, by making a video question about the issue of healthcare. The questions are taken from the BlogHer Voter Manifesto. ...more

Hi Virginia. Thanks so much. I know what you mean about the sound, my daughter was right up ...more

Submit a video to 10Questions: ask the candidates to earn your vote!

Here's the latest news from our partner, a great project that seeks to involve millions of voters in prioritizing the questions they want answered, and moving politicians away from sound-bites to in-depth discussion of issues. The videos are good, and I encourage you to watch them, vote, and submit your own! ...more

I got myself a web cam (and figured out how to use it)... I'll be adding a question hopefully ...more

Obama will answer one of 10Questions: Will it be yours? Plus, Hillary blogs about work and family

If you have submitted a question to, get out the vote for your question!! From our friends at 10Questions: The top community-voted question on as of 10 AM EST on Monday, 10/29 will be asked in that day's MySpace/MTV Obama dialogue, which is taking place at 1:30 EST at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. The forum will stream live on , MTV's and MTV Mobile, and will air at 7 p.m. ET that evening on MTV. The audience will also be able to participate by MySpace IM and by rating Obama's responses in real-time on the web. It will also be translated live into Spanish and broadcast on LaVibra." ...more

Hey Morra. Thanks so much for linking to my new blog...I've been getting a lot of positive ...more

Lights, camera, Earn our Votes! Submit your video to 10Questions

BlogHer is very proud to announce its co-sponsorship of 10Questions, a new, non-partisan “People powered presidential forum” hosted by, in cooperation with the New York Times and and many of your favorite websites and blogs. It’s a giant, web-wide contest where anyone can submit an online video question, view others’ questions, and vote for their favorite. At the end of the voting period, the top ten questions will be submitted to presidential candidates for answering. It’s like the CNN/YouTube Debate on steroids. ...more

I'm so glad you got BlogHer involved as a partner for this. I saw the stats from the ...more