127 Hours - Movie Review

We all have had nightmares but you know the ones where you are screaming for help and nothing comes out? No matter what is happening in your dream: being chased by a monster, falling from a skyscraper, or you just can't open that door -- not being able to get anyone to hear your desperate plead is by far one of the worst nightmares to have. 127 Hours takes that kind of nightmare from a real-life story and totally sucks you in to an unimaginable tale of one man's struggle....more

Do You Love James Franco, or Are You Having Franco Exhaustion?

James Franco appeared on the Golden Globes shortlist this year, nominated as Best Actor for his performance as rock climber Aron Ralston in 127 Hours. Which is not surprising for two reasons: 1. he captivated audiences in a challenging role that rested wholly on his shoulders (or trapped arm, actually) and 2. he must have an exhausted publicist, because the Golden Globe nom is only one recent Franco news story among many, many others. ...more

So far I'm in. Howl was fantastic, and so was Milk, so he actually has room to flail a bit with me.more