We Took Lawns Very Seriously Once Upon a Time

Everyone who lived on Hamilton Avenue had children, except for the Markowskis, our next-door neighbors, who owned a series of standard poodles instead, all with the name Claude.The Markowskis weren’t fond of kids playing on their lawn, which is to say the Markowskis weren’t exactly fond of kids. So since there were no fences in those days to show property lines, we just had to be light on our feet during games of Tag or Statue, and we got really good at giving the Markowski’s yard a generous berth, even when running at top speed....more

Try this potluck theme!: 1960s

This theme reminds me a lot of events hosted at my grand-parents’ house (minus the Twinkies, although I wish). Canapes, and shrimp rings, and meatballs, oh my!60s food is pretty easy, and you can find a lot of great finger food options too. If the 60s aren’t your thing, pick your favorite decade and go with that!...more

The Marvels of Self-Editing

Hearing the word "journalism" sends me back to my childhood in the 1950s.My father was a reporter for The Washington Star newspaper in Washington, D.C. He worked long hours and was always on deadline, readying his copy to go to the Editor for publication in the evening edition of the paper, The Evening Star....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com  Podcasts are the way to go...many former DJ's are doing that now... Not me ...more

Etch-a-Sketch for iPAD

Oh my GOODNESS!Will you look at this video!?!?I can't believe how well this works. And you can save your drawings, put them on FaceBook, or e-mail them!It's a case for the iPAD which is fully functional, with all of its ports and jacksShake the "Etch-aSketch" to erase the drawing and start again!...more
 @feelingbeachie Hey there, Hilary! We never thought about being "addicted" to a plaything ...more

Use What's in Your Closet to Dress Like a Woman from 'Mad Men'

There’s a reason women love AMC’s Mad Men—besides the great characters and plotlines, the sets and dress hearken back to more stylish days. There are a number of articles about dressing like a “Mad Woman,” most notably AMC’s own post, but they all seem to focus on what vintage-looking retail-wear you can buy. But there's a good chance there are Mad Men fashion trends already in your closet.Click on the links in the article to view photos from AMC's Mad Men photo galleries....more

Let's go to the movies!

Back when I was a seven-year-old kid in the South Bronx, every Saturday afternoon my best friend Marilyn (named after THAT Marilyn) and I would take our weekly pocket money - fifty cents - and head up 167thSt to the Kent Theater, a second-run theatre whose glory days were 20-30 years before we were born....more

Needlepoint and Sorting Out the Sixties

I took up needlepointing last summer.  I am not sure I can account for how I came to decide to do this.  If you knew me, you'd appreciate why even I am surprised.  My college-age son flinched when he first saw me needlepointing because it just didn't mesh with his image of me.  I'm not sure what his image of me actually is, or even what my own image of me is these days.  When he made a wry comment upon discovering me with threaded needle and canvas in hand, I was defensive but not apologetic, pointing him to the historical aspects of this art and t...more

The Summer of 1962

My  mother, who was passing me in the hallway in the morning and at night, might have a reason for being out of touch with my feelings and moods.  She was always busy, always distracted, but lately had seemed even more so.  She had a lot on her plate at work always, heart breaking stories of single women who were struggling to make it by suing for child support, or even worse, the stories where the mothers simply didn't care about anyone but themselves and screwing as many people (literally and figuratively) along the way to get what they wanted.  ...more

Mad About “Mad Men”

I love the AMC series, “Mad Men”. Its 3rd season has just been released on a 4 disk DVD set and we hardcore fans are hoping for an early 4th season, but will probably have to wait until August to get the next intravenous direct line. ...more

Modern Wife Goes Retro: Learning Sex the 1960s Housewife Way

So my next step in the housewife experiment is to jump ahead to the very last chapter in Fascinating Womanhood on, you guessed it, sex. ...more