My 1970s childhood memories

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Monday, July 7, 2014: Which former decade do you wish you could time travel and visit? Why? ...more
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Some Kind of My Wonderful

So I was clicking around the television the other day (the issue with having a million channels to choose from is that most times, there is nothing worth of interest on), when a movie I hadn't seen in a long time but closely identified with was on.,John Hughes' "Some Kind of Wonderful"....more

My 1976 diary March 24th

Here you'll find me spending my day off school very creatively- no hanging around on street corners with my mates (well, they were all at school, weren't they, because only mine had its water cut off...) or lounging around in front of the telly- actually, I don't think we had daytime telly yet in 1976. Seems strange to think of that now. In fact, I'm not even sure my house had a telephone- I had to go into the middle of the village and use the payphone, you know the lovely old red ones that people liked to vandalise and that always smelled of pee...anyway, I digress....more

My 1976 diary March 23rd

"Back to nearly normal with Caroline (clearly I had forgiven her for not packing in Rhett at the weekend). Took sheep and dog skulls in to biology (my Dad, who was artistic, liked skulls. I remember him boiling one up in bleach on the kitchen stove to get the remaining flesh off it. The smell was...well, indescribable. The dog skull he picked up when he was with the RAF in Egypt, a bizarre trophy of war. On one occasion we found the top part of a cow's skull on our allotment....more

My 1976 diary March 22nd

I don't think you'd be all that interested in how awful my French and Maths lessons were, the fact that the Head Mistress made us clean up the school or that the bus times to and from the village had changed. That would be taking detailed social history a little bit too far. But if you're interested in my tumultous teenage love life I can tell you that Caroline, despite having promised, didn't pack Rhett in at the weekend. In fact, I seem to remember she made several promises of this kind that she failed to honour....more

My 1976 diary pt 4

One of the odd things about the diaries covering my secondary school days is the way I deal with my father's illness. He suffered quite a lot, and quite seriously, for large swathes of my teenage years. I somehow still managed to live my teenage life and enjoy myself without apparently letting it get me down too much- or was it just that I became so used to it it seemed normal and I was puzzled by other people whose parents weren't ill....more

My 1976 diary

Now to give you an idea of the exciting weekeds I used to have when I was 14! Parties, clubbing? No, I lived in a village 6 miles out of the nearest town so entertainment had to be found closer to home. Quite a lot of it was gleaned from the transistor radio my Dad bought me for passing the 11 plus. I had to listen to it under the bedcovers most of the time though, so it wouldn't disturb my parents......more

A 1970s teenager- My 1976 diary

I will be mentioning Rhett again in this entry. I should perhaps tell you that I was extremely put out when my best friend Caroline started going out with him. Being very mature for my age, I dealt with this by sending her to Coventry (i.e. giving her the silent treatment). She withstood this onslaught very well....more

A 1970s teenager- my 1976 diary pt 2

I've just noticed I' ve written Rhett's name after every diary entry this week, like some kind of mantra. After the March 18th entry, I've written it backwards, then scribbled through it. I'm probably afraid Mummy or Daddy will see Rhett's name and tell me off. They couldn't approve of me liking one of th village boys, even if he did have an "A" level. As far as they were concerned, everyone in this incestuous, population, a strange mixture of farmers and labourers and ex-camp followers and released German POWs was beneath me. Anyway, March 18th 1976- Saw Del H's Steve. Very nice....more

Michelle Obama Could Learn Something from 1970s PSA Commercials

It isn't a secret that Michelle Obama is on the front lines in the war on childhood obesity. She has no problems making her own daughters pawns in that war as she talks about their BMIs and how concerned she was to see those number creeping up. This war on childhood obesity has been on my mind a lot lately. I think it sucks. But I also know that things didn't suddenly start sucking for fat kids with the current US administration....more