When All Else Fails, There's Always the Marigold

In 1974 I became acquainted with an older man named Gary, a Vietnam vet who had immersed himself in the drug culture. Gary could often be found in front of his house tending to his marigolds which grew in profusion on either side of the walkway, skirting the purple hand rails he had carefully painted.The seeds packets were giveaways in bags of Fritos and Gary had procured several bags of the corn chips in order to have enough seed to cover the long walkway....more

How to Get That Chic Summertime "Mad Men" Look Part II

In a previous blog (see March 25) I discussed two major jewelry importers that flooded the market from the end of WWII until the early 80s. Japan was clearly a master of glass making as was W. Germany, but in my opinion, W. Germany far exceeded any market (including the USA) regarding plastic jewelry. Whether for fun or a sophisticated occasion, the variations and colors were endless. The first picture featured is a W. Germany four strand glass necklace from the 1960s....more