An Ode to Bonne Bell

An Ode to Bonne BellThe news that the Bonne Bell Company is shutting down, gave Madge pause to remember her (not) miss-spent youth. If it wasn’t for Bonne Bell, Madge might not have survived puberty. As the go-to skin care and cosmetic line for young girls in the 1970s, the company will be missed by all of us gals of a certain age. ...more

Did Anyone Really Like High School?

What do you feel when you think about high school? Nostalgia? Happiness? Sheer terror? Numbness? Some remember it longingly, the glory days of their youth, the end of everything that was great in their lives – and for those people I feel sad. Some would rather not remember it at all, the isolation, insults, loneliness and awkward moments too painful to recall – and for those people, I feel sad too. I have always told my children (and anyone else who was listening) “you don’t want to peak in high school.” I think most of those who did just that would agree....more
 @sharongreenthal it was so hard for me to not wish with all my heart that they would fix it, ...more