Création by Ted Lapidus for a Whiff of the 80s (1984/2011) {Perfume Review & Musings}

 A Review Of The Reformulated Création EDT By Ted Lapidus ...more

Flashback Friday – 1985

June 12, 2015 – Flashback Friday – 1985...more

1980s Music Videos My Mother Should Never Have Let Me Watch

My mom was a nice, polite Catholic lady (emphasis on lady) who raised us as a single parent when my dad passed away and pretty overprotective. I grew up right at the advent of a momentous cultural boon in music – MTV – with their outrageous, scandalous videos and catchy, ultra-cool tunes. I worshiped it and sat transfixed for hours! It’s safe to say that without it, I wouldn’t have developed my musical taste beyond the mainstream. Mistakenly coming across the channel, I remember they were playing a Heart concert video. From that point, I was hooked!...more

Pickin' & Creatin' in the 1980s

In 1985 my then husband accepted a counseling position in a town outside of Rochester, New York, that I fondly dubbed "Nowhere" New York.  We rented an upstairs flat of an old Victorian home at the corner of a street in town.  I did not work, preferring poverty to spending time with my little girls and we spent the days together playing in the parks, exploring the wooded areas around the big house and catching minnows in the stream out back and then letting them go.  ...more