Phoebe, Ross, Monica, and the Rest of Our Friends: Where Are They Now?

Friends first aired just over 20 years ago. To celebrate the recent release of the series for streaming on Netflix, let's take some time to speculate where each character might be now. Rachel, the youngest of the group, would be 43. Ross and Phoebe, the oldest, would be 46. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures So … what has everyone been up to? ...more
I hadn't realized how much I disliked Ross all these years until I read this. Excellent write up ...more

Some Kind of My Wonderful

So I was clicking around the television the other day (the issue with having a million channels to choose from is that most times, there is nothing worth of interest on), when a movie I hadn't seen in a long time but closely identified with was on.,John Hughes' "Some Kind of Wonderful"....more

We Like Shiny Things

Bossy asked for a 10-word description of a household project that has been avoided for a considerable time. Like, 10 years. Ten words. Ha. If a run-of-the-mill picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture of this is worth at least twice that. So, 10 words? No can-do....more

What the heck was so great about the 80s?

Over at Awful Library Books one of their candidates for weeding is a teen book about self esteem that includes plastic surgery advice. This of course led to some of us discussing teens and plastic surgery....more


Do you ever get that 'sentimental feeling'?  In the last few months, I have definitely had some fond memories of good times past. My daughter went away to church camp (min-camp) this summer.  One day at camp, her cabin decided to dress up like they were 80's ladies.  They were all 8 and 9 year olds being led by their (maybe) 18-yr-old cabin counselor.  They put their hair in pony-tails on the side of their heads.  They wore one shoulder of their shirts off the shoulder.  They rolled up the cuffs of their jeans and tucked their t-shirts into their sweatpants.  It was SO funny. ...more