Mamá | 3:35 | Spanish

Lily and Victoria's mother returns home. The girls try to sneak out of the house, but they get caught by Mamá. ...more

Greatest Female Guitarists of all time! via VenusZine Magazine

This article is a little old but I just stumbled upon it and figured it would be worth spreading the good news. As you know, usually when any magazine makes a "greatest of" list, unless it has the word "female" or "women" in it, you won't see any women on that list. So, I applaud Venus Zine for doing this, showing that there are plenty of amazing female guitarists out there and that they often get left out of those "great" lists. Even today, many people don't think girls can play the guitar (this usually means they can't electric rock guitar, if it's acoustic sappy stuff, that's ok), and if they do, they are "all right for a girl." They can't do solos, or play as fast...blah....blah...blah. As if playing "fast" is the height of musically and creativity. Please. Whatever. ...more

Don't get me wrong, I'm an Ani fan but to put her on a list of greatest female guitarists is ...more

Victorious Warrior or Wounded Victim?

2008 was a challenging year for most from businesses to homeowners, it seems like the sting of 2008 did not discriminate. Here we stand launching into 2009, are you a victorious warrior or the wounded victim? This is a choice each of us must make for ourselves. The word of God calls us to action using words like immediately, go and many more. We have to believeWe have to ask for forgivenessAll action we must take So now we each must choose for ourselves the part we will play out in this amazing journey called life. ...more

2008 in the Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is our open book. Accessible to any bathroom visitor, we present a historical medical scrapbook of our lives behind a hinged mirror door. It's a treasure chest screaming to be explored; secret revelations waiting to be discovered. ...more

2008 A Year in Review Part Four - Top Children's Websites

  Here is the next series of our countdown to 2009 special postings.  If you're like me and always looking for safe sites to educate or entertain your kids, here are some ideas to help.  They are not rated by top 10 but by type of site.   Top Children's Websites for 2008 are: Research Source:  Todays Parent ...more

The 10 Most Fascinating Women of 2008

From Sarah Palin to Tina Fey -The Betty Editors, ...more

Looking back to 2008 for a better 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As we embark on 2009 I invite you to start this New Year by evaluating where you have been over the last year and looking ahead to a new year where all your dreams can come to fruition. To do this, I suggest you build a strong foundation on which to create your best life ever. That means looking at the things you gave your attention to last year and if need be, making a fresh start to get where you'd like to be this year. There is no point in building a vision of the future on a foundation muddied ...more

2008: Summing up the best and worst of our last year

I'm not much for New Year's Resolutions, or really any sort of arbitrary "time to take stock," but there's something about the end of the year that makes some reflection inevitable. The year is ending, and what do we have to show for it? For me, 2008 was a huge year of change. Although I remarried and relocated in 2007, this year is really the year when everything settled in -- the year when Georgia felt like home, the year we all settled into our new family. ...more

Thanks so much. I had a terribly hard time deciding what my favorite recipes were. However, I ...more

My most memorable moments from 2008 -- From famine in Africa to watching my brother win a medal at the Olympics

It has been a fantastic year. Four continents, multiple countries, many stories, both tears and laughter and everything in between. I'll just touch upon a few of my most memorable moments from the year, the bulk of which I spent in East Africa and traveling around the region. Near Ruhengeri, Rwanda ...more

Highlights and Achievements In a Nutshell ~ Farewell 2008

Highlights and Achievements In a Nutshell ~ Farewell 2008     ...more