Voting, then Buying a Handgun

My husband and I did two things on election day. First, we voted, dropping off our ballots at the country courthouse.  Then we drove up to Kirkland to buy a handgun.  Oh, yeah, we voted for Barack Hussein Obama and Christine Gregoire.  First time in his life he voted straight Democrat, first time he ever voted for a Democrat for President. We would have stayed up watching the election returns and drinking champagne, except that the situation the country is in is too grave for that. ...more

This Election Day, It Seems Like Christmas

Casting my vote has never felt so good. Even despite my one passing moment of Hillary-missing, I happily flipped the switch for Barack Obama. A friend went with me to the polling station, and we were both so excited it felt like Christmas—with the exception that we must wait until tonight for Santa to bring us our present, a brand new Democratic President. ...more



The Role of Leadership

Three things played a role in my decision to vote for Barack Obama: issues, values, and leadership. ...more

Top Five Tuesday - Get Out and Vote Edition!

Post Categories: From the Desk of... ...more

Spreading the Wealth

Who are we kidding; capitalism redistributes wealth as surely as socialism. Capitalism left unchecked redistributes wealth from the pockets of the poor and middle class to the pockets of the wealthy. Our economic system benefits the rich and penalizes the poor. It's expensive to be poor. The least the government can do is limit the plundering. If the government can also ease the burden a bit, what's so wrong with that? Where do you think the poor and middle class spend their dollars? Paris? ...more

The Fairness Doctrine: Coming Back?

We are less than a week from the Big Day. It is probable that Barack Obama will be our next president and he will be welcomed by a liberal-controlled House and Senate. Although I haven’t made peace with the fact that Obama may win, and I’m certainly not happy about it, I have accepted it. What concerns me at this point are some of the peripheral issues we aren’t hearing about in the mainstream media. Specifically, freedom of speech and the Fairness Doctrine. ...more

Melanie, while doing research for this post, did you read how often the McCain campaign has ...more

Kids pick Obama... because Obama targets kids?

My son informed us at dinner last night that the entire third grade at his school voted in a mock presidential election. The result? Obama by a landslide -- 68 to 14. We chuckled and cheered, 'round the table, and talked about how we'll head to the polls as a family and vote for Obama. ...more

Actually, I think Obama is probably doing well among kids because he is doing well with their ...more

Women, science, and the election: the candidates weigh in

Quick: Do you feel Title IX has increased opportunities for women in academic science as much as it has led to greater equity between men's and women's athletics programs? If not, how can you ensure its more even application in academics? ...more

Where Has His Integrity Gone? The Third Presidential Debate

Tell me. Where is the real John McCain? I found this by far McCain's most disturbing performance in a debate. It was like he drank a potion that changed him from McCain to McNasty. Another chance to talk substance, and instead he spent most of his time either attempting to terraform Obama's plans to suit his own needs or else engaging in character assassination. When McCain won the Republican nomination, I never thought his campaign would look like this. The man I respected has disappeared. ...more

McCain is Moving in the Right Direction for Healthcare Reform

Let’s talk healthcare, shall we? I’m for it. I think we should have doctors and specialists and nurses and hospitals. What I am not for, and never will be no matter how you sugar-coat it, is nationalized or socialized or government-sponsored healthcare. Look at where we are today, folks. I’m hearing every side blame the government for the state of affairs. These are the people you want in charge of your healthcare? Not me, thanks. ...more

I'm a veteran nurse of 30 years...I've seen how inability to pay for medical care have ...more