Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women on the Cheap

Wanna win that costume contest with an original idea? Don't want to tramp out like Mistress Skankalot? Check out these costume ideas that are affordable and original!...more

Thinking Outside the Bar --the Candy Bar

All entrepreneurs are focusing on innovation and the candy industry is no exception.   A new survey of candy and chocolate experts finds taste buds are tingling for bold new experiences. ...more

The Stash Busting Challenge: Repurpose/ReUse Sewing Tutorials

Another month, another step toward toward Stash Busting! ...more

One of God's Greatest Gifts......A Sister!

"For there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather, to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strength ...more

The Bloggies at SXSW 2009!

Yes, it is that time of year again, time for SXSW Interactive and the 2009 Weblog Awards.  And it is the time of year where the BlogHers descend upon Austin for SXSW. The Bloggies are the web's longest-running non-profit, reader voted blog awards.  You may have participated in the Bloggies yourself by nominating a blog or voting for one.  Now it is time for the Awards Ceremony... ...more

Alumni game

Opening Day!!! (well, almost) So - it wasn't opening day but it was the first day back at the ballpark... and other than some lame changes to the field and stadium... it was what it always was for me... perfect. ...more

Family Votes: Was $100k/sec worth it for Super Bowl ads

Usually, I do my Super Bowl ad rating, with my marketing-to-women hat on, by myself, but this time I wanted to see how effective the ads were with a variety of voters. I pulled together my own team to help with the rating of the spots: sons, ages 12, 14 and 17, and my daughter and her friend, both 15, and my husband and I. Call us the family room focus group. Each voter received three possible votes per spot: thumbs down, thumbs up or big smile. Thumbs up meant the spot was clever or amusing, but didn’t make a smile stick. For a smile to stick, that was the biggest compliment. ...more

Lilly Ledbetter Has Her Day

Obama signs Fair Pay Restoration Act -Megan Southwick, ...more

Inspired Movement…

Inspired Movement… Wow, almost 2 weeks into 2009 are you moving forward?  I just finished speaking at the Crystal Cathedral this past weekend and what a rush of joy as I presented Victorious Warrior or Wounded Victim.  A message that has moved people into inspired ...more

Moms Need Eyes on the Sides of Your Head When Driving

Susan Docherty, the new North America Vice President, Buick-Pontiac-GMC Channel, gave me a sneak-peek of the the 2010 Buick LaCrosse luxury sedan that will make its world debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan 12th. ...more