Victorious Warrior or Wounded Victim?

2008 was a challenging year for most from businesses to homeowners, it seems like the sting of 2008 did not discriminate. Here we stand launching into 2009, are you a victorious warrior or the wounded victim? This is a choice each of us must make for ourselves. The word of God calls us to action using words like immediately, go and many more. We have to believeWe have to ask for forgivenessAll action we must take So now we each must choose for ourselves the part we will play out in this amazing journey called life. ...more

Mark your calendar: Playful holidays abound in 2009!

Did you know there are lots of playful, child- and service-focused holidays to celebrate throughout 2009? Here's a short list - tell us in the comments how you plan to celebrate! ...more

2008 in the Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is our open book. Accessible to any bathroom visitor, we present a historical medical scrapbook of our lives behind a hinged mirror door. It's a treasure chest screaming to be explored; secret revelations waiting to be discovered. ...more

My Non-Resolutions

I know most people are making New Year's Resolutions- setting weight loss goals, writing out a list of stuff to do this year. Usually I get sucked in by this tradition, but this year I refuse to feel guilty for subjecting myself to a list of failed to-dos. NO. NOT THIS YEAR. Here are some of my magnificent resolutions from January 7, 2002 when I was a senior in high school. ...more

Looking back to 2008 for a better 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As we embark on 2009 I invite you to start this New Year by evaluating where you have been over the last year and looking ahead to a new year where all your dreams can come to fruition. To do this, I suggest you build a strong foundation on which to create your best life ever. That means looking at the things you gave your attention to last year and if need be, making a fresh start to get where you'd like to be this year. There is no point in building a vision of the future on a foundation muddied ...more

Travel Resolutions for 09

Have you made yours? Mine is pretty simple: Get back to Hawaii, ASAP. Though I have this fantasy I'm rolling over in my head that involves going to Ethiopia, drinking coffee, seeing those churches cut out of stone. And oh, I want to go to Gwaii Hanas up in the Queen Charlotte islands to see the totem poles and noodle some more on why the Canadian First Nations people got a better - not perfect - but better deal than the Natives of the US. I wouldn't mind going back to Asia, though yes, this is turning out to be more of a wish list than a resolution sort of thing. Closer to real resolutions? ...more

 Being self-employed means never making travel resolutions, I'm afraid -- other than ...more

Why Do Our New Year's Resolutions Often Fizzle?

It's that time year again where with hearts full of inspiration and hope millions of people sit down and make a list of New Year's Resolutions. We fire up the engines and charge head first into a fresh start, a clean slate, a New Year, and it will be different this time gosh darnnit! However, as usual there is a big ole deja vu sitting just around the bend waiting for us to slip up, fail, and give up once again. Then we try it all over again next year. ...more

Nice thoughts on resolutions! I've never been a big resolver of things on the new year, but I ...more

Resolutions for the New Year

Since 2005 (when Princess D was born and I turned 30) this has been the most life altering year I have ever experienced. Work was overwhelming and my world as I knew it came crashing down around me. I discovered the most important thing (besides my daughter and my parents) was my strength. Mother Theresa once said "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." ...more

Stuck in the mud or moving forward?

Stuck in the mud or moving forward? ...more

My New Year's Toast for You

Here's my little New Years toast for all mothers of teenage girls  May your smiles number many, your misfortunes remain few; may total minutes stay within your family plan. May vodka bottles go untouched (that is unless, of course, by you) and may your daughter not crack up your minivan. Let's hope your precious debit card, never once will leave your sight; may all young suitors remain blissfully at bay. ...more

Parenting teens is an art within itself.  When the drama queens emerge, do you comment?  Do ...more