Vancouver AFTER 2010

I live on the outskirts of Vancouver, about an hour away from all the fun unless the you get stuck going into the city on the Port Mann bridge, in which case I am MORE than 2 hours away. In good traffic, I can get to Robson square in 45 minutes. I never realized the true benefits of living in this city until the Olympics. I used to pine away for California, where there is endless sunshine and decent bike riding every day. The Olympics taught me to appreciate the city and Country I live in....more

A Vancouverites Thoughts on 2010

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Owning YOU on Valentine’s Day- Redefining Love & Beauty

Dear Pinkies, please welcome back photographer and blogger Lone Mørch, proprietor of Lolo’s Boudoir, a delicious, safe space that encourages women to be and express themselves. For Valentine’s day, Miss Lolo has some empowering, thought-provoking thoughts on love and beauty. ...more

Can The Tea Party Deliver On Election Day?

As “Reagan Democrats” abandon the Democratic party in favor of fiscally conservative Republicans in the coming election cycle, they will be making demands that the GOP move their way, towards “the center."  Unfortunately, that’s the mistaken path we took in the 90’s, which left us with RINO’s like George W. Bush and John McCain, and a disillusioned, uninspired voter base.  If any party needs to “move to the center," it’s the Democrats. The defection of Reagan Democrats left the party in the hands of the Radical Left.  ...more

Joanne, I never questioned your education.  I'm not surprised to find that you're a law ...more

Lilith Fair Returns! 2010 Lineup & Cities Announced!

In case you haven't heard, or don't know, Sarah McLachlan is restarting Lilith Fair! This all-female tour began in 1997 and went until 1999. It wasn't the first tour of its kind (Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, Riot Grrrl's LadyFest, ect), yet, it was the most visible and monetarily successful all-female tour in history. It reached over 1.5 million fans in and raised over $10 million dollars for various charities. Sarah began the tour out of need for female artists to gain more exposure and just plain old R-E-S-P-E-C-T. At the time, it was radio station policy not to play female artists back-to-back. The assumption was that most radio listeners were male, and wouldn't want to hear those whiney females singing about babies and broken hearts and all that girly stuff. **Rolls eyes** ...more


Heather C. Hogan Author of Can There Be More? ...more

Waking Up Early : A Small Habit Change With Big Results

View From My Driveway : Mt. IwakiOriginally posted at http://sarahjoyalbrecht.comI have always been a night owl. Just ask my parents....more

What I’m shredding in 2010. 8 things that will stay in the past.

One of my recent, favorite, end of year traditions is the giant shredder they have in Times Square in the last days of the year....more

What Are Your 2010 Food Resolutions?

It's the first official Monday of 2010, and resolutions are on a lot of people's minds. One of the areas many people make resolutions for the year (whether they break them or not) are related to food. Eating less and losing weight, kicking a particular craving, or learning a new culinary skill are common food-related goals for the New Year. ...more

I like them ;-)

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