never been hipper ya'll

as you know from previous posts (and general ramblings and mentions) the ‘new car’ thought is never far from my mind. and i’ve even toyed, semi seriously, about a mini-van. anyone who has one tells you it’s the best thing they ever did. mainly because it’s true, but partially because they’re wondering what happened to that flirty twenty something now wearing a turtleneck, covered in juicey juice and goldfish crumbs driving an egg on wheels. come on, you know i’m right....more

street style t-shirt of the week: hater!

hello hater! goodbye hater! ...more

project runway finale - no one even asked for my vote!

 finale. final 3.  gretchen, mondo, and andy. ...more

Lookin' haute and spending naute, Part I

Target..coming through yet again.... Part 1 in a series of lookin' haute and spending naute at one of our favorites, Target.  Today, let's dress up a little and spend a little.  And I do mean a little.  ...more

She's back, former Bloomies buyer Sara adds on to her basics wardrobe without going overboard

Yesterday we met Sara (welcome back Sara!), and got a glimpse into her closet of basics.  Today she fills us in how we can work in the seasons trends with just a few key pieces, and what she'll invest in, and what she'll save on.  ...more

Car pool mamas in the haute lane

Ok, mamas, truth be told we all love our yoga pants....more

We're seeing them everywhere. Yoga pants, I couldn't agree with you more. However, judging from ...more

Beauty And The Beast Syndrome

Many of you who’ve tried Internet dating and enjoyed the convenience of being able to find other singles online in the comfort of your own home have also experienced another less appealing aspect of the online dating game, AKA The Beauty And The Beast Syndrome (okay, so I may be exaggerating just a tad for effect). Anyway, you find someone who seems too good to be true in print, make a date to meet in person, and then . . . dat da da, there, to meet you in your agreed upon venue sits someone who has you seriously considering turning tail and splitting the scene. ...more

Pregnant and Packing for BlogHer '10: Adventures in Belly Fitting

Everyone is nervous their first time, even when they're sure to be surrounded by awesome and supportive women.  Add to that the anxiety that comes with traveling while pregnant and dressing oneself without the aide of a trusted spouse and tween. Now you're walking in my shoes--which BTW are two sizes larger than they were 6 months ago....more

Nail polish trends for Spring, 2010

Even in Chicago, the weather is finally warm enough to have me thinking seriously about my spring wardrobe. And yet, here in Chicago, there is always a possibility that another snowstorm will hit. So savvy fashionistas think about ways to freshen up their winter clothes, because around here at least, we're going to be wearing them for the next month. The simplest, cheapest, and fastest update? A new bottle of nail polish....more

Hi Laura,

I found a great non-toxic nail polish for my girls. Keeki Pure and Simple is the ...more