2010 Election: California Governor (Whitman vs. Brown)

BlogHer's been covering the California gubernatorial race between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown from both sides of the aisle. What, if anything, does this race have to tell us about women CEOs making the leap from business to public life? What about Whitman's campaign and her connection, or lack thereof, to women voters? We'll keep you posted: ...more

Whitman finally conceded.more

Election 2010: California Senate (Barbara Boxer vs. Carly Fiorina)

This post will contain live coverage of election results and reporting as we find out who wins the California race for U.S. Senate - between veteran Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer and former HP CEO, Republican Carly Fiorina. ...more

LAST CALL: Ask Candidates Your Questions!

For part of our omni-partisan midterm election coverage, we have been reaching out to some of the major campaigns and political organizations looking for women candidates who are interested in answering BlogHer community questions in the final days of the campaign, and we're happy to report that we now have candidates who will be participating. ...more

Thanks to our great community for supplying so many fascinating questions here, on Facebook, ...more

Politics: The Hottest Midterm Election Races of 2010

Congress is the talk of the town with the election only two months away. The big topics: the economy, balance of power, and women candidates. A few governors' seats are also up for grabs with strong women contenders. We wanted to highlight some of these hot races -- particularly the ones with women candidates from both major parties. ...more

What I like about Tarryl Clark is that she's a listener. I met her at Netroots Nation and she ...more

The Political Lessons of Christine O'Donnell's Surprise Win

The primary phase of midterm elections is usually considered to be a snooze-fest by journalists and politicos. But not this year. Aside from the attention that Sarah Palin has drawn for the Tea Party, Christine O'Donnell -- and her win in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat in Delaware formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden -- has given us pundits more than enough to write about between now and November! ...more

First I have to say that she is crazy. Someone who thinks that there are ...more

Election 2010: What's at Stake for Obama and Women Candidates This November

Election years without a presidential race often come with lower voter turnouts and less public interest, but these mid-term elections can be big indicators of social shifts, and they can change the balance of power in Washington dramatically. ...more

You mentioned how President Obama went after John Boehner for being against infrastructure. ...more