She vs. Her: Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader?

Welcome to She vs. Her -- where we ask two bloggers with different perspectives to make their case. This week: Jill Miller Zimon and American Princes talk about what Nancy Pelosi should do next. ...more

I absolutely have not loved Pelosi for long - I've admired her skill, but not really liked her ...more

Election 2010: Women's Gains and Losses

For months working up to yesterday's Midterm election races, headline after headline sported some version of "year of the woman" or "year of the GOP woman" or "Dem women face losses due to year of the GOP woman" or "Mama Grizzlies growl through year of the woman" get the idea. So how did women do? Quick hits (information based on data from the Center for American Women in Politics) U.S. Senate: ...more

I'm fascinated by American politics and found this information especially interesting. I ...more

Bachmann vs. Clark: Exact Opposites

More than any other race pitting two women together, the race for Congress in Minnesota's sixth district features two women who are exact opposites: Michele Bachmann (R) who is seeking her third term against Tarryl Clark (D). ...more

Gawker's Total FAIL with Christine O'Donnell

In the most repulsive news yet in one of the dirtiest election cycles in modern history, Gawker tried to shock! America with an anonymous “expose” on a sex-less sexcapade involving Delaware candidate for Senator Christine O’Donnell. ...more

I understand the call on hypocrisy but sexual acts (or non-acts) are private and should not be ...more

Why I'm Choosing to Ignore the Actions of Meg Whitman's Sons (Mostly)

While some mistakes children make may be a direct response to something their parents did, most of the time, once they are adults, it has nothing to do with us. Right? I’ve been wondering this question both as a mother and as a California resident who has been watching very closely the heated gubernatorial race that has entered its home stretch. Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay and one candidate in the race, has been plagued with some extra baggage during this campaign, the heaviest coming from her own two sons, Will and Griff Harsh. ...more

More than just how a child is mothered contributes to how kids turn out. Fathered, society, ...more

Living on the Dole and Taking from the Rove

If you check Politifact, Harry Reid gets a "C" for telling half truths, but Sharron Angle gets a "D-" for making statements that are false.

Old Spice Parodies Get Political With "Hello Voters"

Grover on Sesame Street -- "I'm on a cow." The "Will It Blend?" guys -- "I'm in a lab coat." And now Joe Miller of Alaska hops on the Old Spice boat. Is he worthy of being the man your man could vote like? ...more

California's Battle Royale: In Whitman v. Brown, Advantage Whitman

Resisting the obvious Beauty and the Beast jokes won't be easy. California voters have a choice to make on November 2nd, and after tonight's debate, Jerry Brown cast himself as serene Beauty but his demeanor was more beastly than ever. I could hardly believe my eyes. I remember meeting him during a 1992 presidential primary stop, where he stood in a park near a river and waxed poetic about the Constitution. ...more


Ms. ...more

Final Brown-Whitman Gubernatorial Debate: Did We Learn Anything New?

Partisans for each will tell you Brown or Whitman "won" last night's third and final debate between the California gubernatorial candidates. (There's a good summary of the debate plus video at the LA Times.) But I look at it this way: did we learn anything new about the candidates in their most heated and personal exchange yet? ...more

Thanks for this thoughtful analysis. If I were a CA voter, I would definitely be voting for ...more

Women Candidates Demand Opponents Disavow Extremist Gubernatorial Candidate

Women candidates for the New York State Senate like Didi Barrett, Joanne Yepsen, Robin Wilt, and Jennifer Maertz, have been calling on their Republican opponents to disavow the Rep...more