The new year always takes me by surprise.  It always seems that the year just started and now it is gone again.  Everyone celebrates the end of the old and the chance to start anew with hopes it will be better than the last.  Hope springs eternal in our world. ...more

So how did it all turn out?

Last year at this time, I wrote... Where 2010 was waiting for life to happen, may 2011 be consciously living it. Where 2010 was expecting something for nothing, may 2011 be empowerment and seizing control. Where 2010 was planning, may 2011 be doing. Where 2010 was caution, may 2011 be calculated risks. Where 2010 was fear, may 2011 be courage. May it be. So, what happened in 2011? ...more

What I Grew Last Summer

I'm still working on my new blog! And it's shaping up, slowly but surely. Today I put together some photos of my most recent gardening efforts. A couple things about me as a gardener: I'm into no-till/low till. I stoutly refuse to own a tiller, never have. I garden in small plots and raised beds. I use a lot of compost/mulch in these efforts. ...more

2011 Feet Tall.

Today's will be a little...odd. Ever since forever, if I have a camera in my hands, and I'm a tad bit disinterested in whatever is going on, or I am passing the time, I will invariably, inevitably, sooner or later, take a picture of my feet. It's a habit that I'm not sure when, where, or how originated. It's just another part of my weirdness. So this morning while going through my albums of 2011, I started noticing a pattern. Every two or three occasions/events/place there would be a picture of my feet, and each photo had a story. So here's 2011. In feet. ...more

2011 (short poem)

Towels grown meager Low-salt canned beans a luxury The little dog with whiskers who was better off in someone else's house Dreams of thick socks Fear like a crow on one's shoulder Feet gripping A beak that can split bone No pity in those dark eyes Some hours, days, months, years are best forgotten Tell me howRegards,Katharine...more

A Woman In Social Media Who Stands For All Women

I think every once in a while, all women should step out and do something they think they might get in trouble for, and that's what I'm going to do right now....more
Wow, hi everyone, Stacy, you know me so well -- I think the first words out of my mouth ...more

Blogalicious 2011: Celebrating Diversity in Blogging

On the weekend of October 21-23, hundreds of women from all sorts of backgrounds are going to be gathering in Washinton D.C. for the third annual Blogalicious Weekendconference, celebrating diversity in blogging. I talked to Stacey Ferguson (or Justice Fergie) of Life IS the Party about the event, of which BlogHer has been a long-time supporter. ...more
Sounds like a fabulous event!more

Attending the MTV VMAs: Enough Concert to Last Me the Rest of the Year

When I got home last night from the MTV VMAs the two top headlines about the show were a) that Beyonce’s baby news “overshadowed” the night and b) that Maroon 5’s Adam Levine “called out” MTV for hosting an awards show where they “pretend to still care about music.”...more
We had good intentions of hitting this years event up but Saturday realized we were too tired ...more

NBA Finals 2011 Live Online TV Entertainment Analysis

Mom Anna Fe wants to discuss the game relating it to TV because as a wife, she also loves basketball as a household entertainment. That’s why today she’s here to give us an analysis of this game....more

I'm sorry I commented, the game is just to hot. I love this game!more

In 2011, Facebook's Zuckerberg Only Eating Meat He's Killed Himself

Earlier this month, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted to his personal Facebook page that he had just killed a pig and a goat. The action was part of Zuckerberg's year-long challenge for 2011: if he is going to eat meat, he can only do it from animals he kills himself. ...more

I'm most interested that this struck such a chord with people.

One thing I will say for ...more