Searching for My Wand!

   Today is the day my book “Searching for My Wand” is released, and I am a bundle of nerves. I love this book with all my heart, and I want it to be a huge success, but much like your children, there is only so much you can do to influence such things. Sooner or later you have to send them/it out into the world, step back and hope for the best. Sure, you offer support, but in the end you have to accept that you have done your very best, and now whatever will be, will be....more

Passion for the written word

I find myself in a bit of a quandary. I opened my big mouth recently, (on Facebook no less) and challenged a bunch of my friends to join me and write a novel in November.Well it is the 1st of November, the first day of the National Novel Writing Month and I am 50,000 words away from a 50,000 word novel.I have no idea what I am going to write on, yet I dig my hole further by sending messages to my friends asking where they are up to. Well. obviously I have no choice but to start, sometime today, 11pm would still count, as I am sure I can fit in 1,667 in an hour. Right?...more
@Bukky Olaleye Hahaha! My real name is Darcie! I just go with victorias_view because I started ...more

Book release date

Welcome back to ThrustyTM Thursday. This week I’m happy to announce the release date for my first book. It is a historical romance novella titled His Treasure and set in pre-colonial West Africa. The release date is 2 December 2011. Yay!Can you tell I’m excited? LOL.It’ll be out just in time for Christmas, so now you know what’s going on your list, right? Mark the date....more

One of the Most Intriguing Women in U.S. History That You Have (Probably) Never Heard of

Her name is Frances Perkins.If you are like me, the name probably doesn’t ring a bell. However, it should considering all of her achievements. Child labor laws, unemployment insurance, social security? You have Ms. Perkins to thank for those programs. First woman appointed to a cabinet Secretary position? Frances holds that title as well, serving as the Secretary of Labor under FDR. ...more