DIY Holiday Gifts: How to Make a Homemade Cookbook

This is the gift I made this holiday season that I wanted to keep for myself. But that wouldn't be fair for the originally intended recipient, now would it?  So I may be making a second one someday. Until then, I will share with you....more
I love this!  How did you decorate the 3-ring binder with scrapbook paper?more

Winter DIY: Enhance a Ceiling Fan for Less Than $10

Oh my gosh, we seriously cannot believe how great this Before and After turned out. One of our biggest New Years Resolutions is to spiffy up items we already have. This is a great way to personalize an out-of-date home fan without purchasing a new one. It rocks our world that just $8 worth of product purchases can give an out-dated fan a whole new life. Read on, readers for the photo recap and some great pointers to tackle this easy DIY project. ...more
This looks great and a summer project I am going to try.  Did the fan blades not get stuck from ...more

How to Make a Bib Statement Necklace That Looks Like a Million Bucks

I have been coveting the "Bib Statement Necklaces" in fashion magazines for months! I decided to give making my own a try, and I was so pleased with how it turned out that I wanted to share it with you... ...more

thanks for adding the video for those of us who are direction gonna attempt one ...more