2012 Election Results: My Five Big Hopes for the Next Four Years

After all the campaign attacks and ads, I do believe our commonwealth is a work-in-progress. Hopeful of our President’s promise--to return to the White House more inspired and more determined about the work we need to do and the future that lies ahead--here are my five hopes for the next four years:1.  The American people will reject the flawed argument that government and its workers cannot be an agent for good in this country....more

Five Things to Take Your Mind Off of the 2012 Presidential Election

It’s election day! Know why I’m so excited? Because it means we don’t have to see all of these dang political commercials all over the place anymore. I think we all of the negativity that goes hand-in-hand with political campaigns gets really old, really fast. And it’s not just all over the television: it’s all over social media too! I’ve actually been avoiding Facebook like the plague today – just to avoid all of the political status updates that are guaranteed to over run my news feed today....more

I forgot about the election-VOTE

Vote. That’s the only endorsement I have.For the last 3.5 years, the President has been fighting for reelection and the slew of republican candidates have been stumping to take his seat. For the last year, we have endured yard signs, endless commercials, debates and endless news stories about what the candidate and the president are doing to gain a nomination, endorsement or end the senseless requests from Donald Trump.I’m just ready for it to be over....more

Why the Latina Vote Might Have the Most Impact

While there has been much buzz about the Latino vote in the press for the past year about how America’s largest and fastest growing minority group will have an impact in deciding the outcome of Tuesday’s election, the reality is Latinas will shape what ultimately happens....more


By Anne WallWe're doing our best to turn Wisconsin into a "red" state in support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Most polls show Romney and Obama in a near dead heat in Wisconsin, but I believe republicans have greater enthusiasm and a well-orchestrated ground campaign. If voter turnout is similar or better than the special recall election this summer, republican candidates may do well in Wisconsin. ...more

Mitt Romney: Insider Takes

Women who held senior roles in his Administration speak up   Seven women who worked closely with Mitt Romney in senior posts when he served as Massachusetts Governor recently got together for a special reunion.  It was a true joy to reconnect with a group of such diverse and talented professionals. We proudly served for four years in the Romney/Healey Administration, handed detailed transition...more

Our Binders of Accomplishments Under Governor Mitt Romney

On Tuesday night, my old boss Governor Mitt Romney showed his credentials to the world once again. He is the real deal: a gentleman, a grown-up, strong, forthright, energetic, in command of the facts, pragmatic and solution-driven. I didn't come out of one of the "binders" he mentioned, but like every member of his Cabinet in Massachusetts, I gave him a binder –- six inches thick and chock full of our accomplishments over the four years we worked together. I was just one of many women who had the honor of serving in the Romney Administration....more
This blog said nothing of what Romney actually did.  Nothing.  A lot of hot air.  Everything in ...more

Election Time: Who Is The Better Father?

Election Time: Who Is The Better Father? The political debates are heating up and we're going to hear about each politicians' background and stances.  There may be some name calling and each side trying to dig up old skeletons. And don't forget all the annoying political telemarketing type of phone calls that seem to be nonstop and at the worst times (such as nap time and dinner)!...more

We Need Mitt On Our Side In the White House

We had a great crowd at the Women For Mitt rally in Reno, Nevada yesterday.  There were about 500 in attendance mostly women but a lot of men too – all enthusiastic to hear Ann Romney speak, which she does so beautifully   Ann has done so much for others and her energy and strength always amaze me.  She told a particularly compelling story of a young 14 year old boy who was dying of cancer and the care and comfort Mitt gave to him.  They became friends and the young boy asked Mitt to help him write a will and also give the eulogy at his funeral.  Another exampl...more

It Has Been Twenty-Four Years, But I Am Voting This November 2012!

It has been 24 years since I took the plunge and went to cast my vote for a President. But, for better or for worse, I have decided that this year, 2012, I am voting and putting my trust in one of our running nominees. Though I am only one in the millions voting, I must believe that my one vote will make a difference!...more
@Kraken There you are, Amiga, I've been looking for your monster avatar for ages, it seems. You ...more