Why Do Republicans Keep Picking on Susan Rice?

I have watched with bewilderment as Republicans ratchet up their attacks on United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.To be sure, Congress should investigate what happened in Benghazi. After all, four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens who reportedly had expressed concern about the “security vacuum” around the consulate....more
Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell wasn't hauled before Congress to answer ...more

Reality Bites - Lessons Learned From November 6th

Thanks for this piece. I wish more women would realize that politics impacts every aspect of ...more

A Letter to my Girls about Politics & Hope

Girls,This morning we talked about the election results over breakfast. Emily, you asked me why I was glad that Obama had won and we talked about how you vote for the candidate that you think believes in the things that you feel are most important. We talked briefly about how candidates talk about their platforms and how we all try and make an informed decision."How old do you have to be to be president, Mom?" I answered you. I saw your eyes light up. "You could be the president, Mom, you are older than 35!"I love that you said this....more

#274 Present, Day 6 of 31

Still in a state of disbelief... Will write more tomorrow when I have recovered...   **Views do not reflect any physician group, hospital, or any professional institutions or associations with which I am affiliated.  ...more

Voting for the First Time -- and Teaching My Kids

I was born during a dictatorship. Three and a half years later, my parents decided to go back to my father’s home country, Uruguay, where the family had to wait three more years to see a democracy back in place. Although my grandfather was a lawyer and politician and, at some point in time, my father was a law student himself, my family was lucky enough not to fully suffer the consequences of an authoritarian form of government....more

Mitt Romney’s Economic Development Binders

Much has said about the binders of resumes that Mitt Romney received after he was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. But nothing has been said about the Binders of Accomplishments that the women who served in his cabinet presented to him four years later....more

Stuck In The Middle

I swore I'd never write a politically based blog post.  I was wrong.  In a nation clearly divided down party lines, some of us are stuck here in the middle.  While the "conservative right" and the "liberal left" loudly spew venomous, hateful rhetoric at each other, the rest of us  are left feeling as if we have no voice in the political world.  Both sides seem to be insisting that their ideals are not only the correct opinions but the only possible conclusion any intelligent person could come to once given the facts.  "Facts",...more
Darcie echos my thoughts exactly. And yeah, the fact that we get to choose from only two ...more

Poll Pegs Black Support for Romney at Zero Percent

Pollwatchers nation-wide did a double-take Tuesday after reports of an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey pegged African American support for that Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney at 0 percent, versus 94 percent for Pres. Barack Obama. The telephone survey queried 1000 registered voters and included about 110 black respondents. Romney also trailed Obama with among women, Hispanics and voters under 35....more
Thanks to all of you for the vigorous discussion. @Terri and @Laura - I'd love to dialogue with ...more

Romney Sweeps Arizona, Squeezes Michigan, Competes on Super Tuesday in Six Days

Last night, in the Republican contest to be that party's presidential nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney looked relaxed as he addressed supporters in Michigan (one of his multiple home states; New Hampshire and Massachusetts most often cited as the others). He sounded it, too....more