She'd Better Be Glad She's Not MY Daughter!

OK-here is my teenage rant for the week-and it’s not even about MY teenager!...more

Precious Medal

I heard on the radio that Olympic Athletes owe $9,000 if they win a gold medal.  It didn't make sense to me that you could work your whole life to win a medal and then when you finally earn said medal you have to pay for it.  Is the gold medal really worth that much? ...more

3 TOP FREE Olympic-related apps!

With the 2012 London Olympic Games now in full swing there are a plethora of apps for your phone to ensure you never miss a moment of the excitement....more

Why Have There Been No Great Women Boxers?

In 1971, art historian Linda Nochlin posed the question, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”  Her scholarship focuses on the biases of patriarchal norms illustrating how women did not have access to the same financial and educational support of church patronage and art academies as their male counterparts.  The same institutions that denied opportunities for women, helped foster greatness for male artists.  As a result, the chances of a female Michelangelo appearing on the scene were pretty darn slim. ...more
It's not just women's boxing that get's limited coverage, it's women's sport in general, ...more