2012 Olympics – Go USA!

2012 Olympics – Go USA! Dorthy Hamill was my big idol as a kid.  She'd won the Olympics in 1976.  She was America's sweetheart with her personality, her talent, her haircut.  ~Kristi Yamaguchi...more

The Olympic Spirit: It's a 'Girl Thing'

(Editor's Note: For the first time in Olympic history, all the participating teams had female athletes. And the U.S. women set the gold standard, both literally and figuratively, at the Games this year. They earned 56 percent of the country's medals, and 66 percent of its golds. ~js)By Meg Heery, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine....more

2012 London Olympics Race-Fail Roundup

One of the downsides of the immediacy of news in our fast-paced, technology-driven world is access to too much information and too many opinions from too many people. While watching the 2012 London Olympics, people comment on anything and everything -- including some things that reveal the real state of race relations in the world....more

The Olympic Competition is Killing Me

I love the Olympics!  From the opening ceremonies to my favorite gymnastics to the snuffing out of the Olympic flame at the end, I’m hooked for two weeks.  This is reality TV at its finest, with REAL athletes competing in REAL situations with REAL drama unfolding right before our eyes....more

4 Reasons to Hate Procter & Gamble's Olympic Ads

I’m a sucker for the stories behind the Olympic athletes, long years of hard work, overcoming heartbreaking setbacks, financial sacrifice, finally reaching the medal stand. Doesn’t take much to choke me up. ...more

The Mom Olympics: What Would You Medal In?

Many readers know that I have dreamt of Olympic gold. But sadly, because there is no Olympic shoe shopping competition, I have been barred from achieving my Olympic glory. It’s just not fair. If they did real-life sports -- like shopping -- instead of events like diving or gymnastics, I would be in London right now, sweeping up the gold. In fact, if the Olympics had my events in it, all moms would be gold medal winners. Mothers from all over the world would be in London, proudly taking our places on the podiums as our national anthems were played -- if only they had competitions like the following....more
folding laundry! I'm lightening fast.more

Romney's "We Did Build This" Right on Target

While Mitt Romney continues his foreign trip to England, Israel and Poland, back home the debate rages on as to who builds what in America.Just 99 days out from Election Day, 18 "We Did Build This" events span 12 states driving home the campaign's full-court press on President Obama's controversial remarks on in Roanoke, Virginia. on July 13:...more
It was clumsily phrased. A rarity for Obama. But when it comes to "things the candidate ...more

The Olympics When Your National Team Sucks

Up until that point, I had never encountered pride and loyalty in such real, palpable form. Their team's victory transformed everyone in that bar, without displacing anything at all. I have never felt more envious than I did then, looking around me at all the people who had followed their team through the ups and downs to see them take down their rival. There was laughing and hugging and kissing like these fans were survivors of an impossible struggle who'd come out triumphant. I suppose that in a sense, they were. ...more
If you ever want a unique fan experience. I suggest Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. The ...more

2012 Olympics!!!

Today's the big day! The 2012 Summer Olympic Games! Coming to us from London this year. I am beyond excited in case you couldn't tell. I have always been a big fan of the Olympics, Summer and Winter (though I do prefer the Summer Games a bit--gymnastics was my sport and in my opinion, the highlight of the Games!). ...more

Over-50 Olympics: The "This Ain't No Game" Games

I've always loved the Olympics.  I can't say that I watch as much of it on TV as I did when I was younger.  Not sure if that's because I don't have as much free time, or because there are so many other viewing choices since the advent of cable TV.  But, still, who can't help but get that warm and fuzzy, patriotic feeling watching our young, strapping Olympic athletes in the prime of their life, accomplishing their ultimate goal, while the rest of us lead a disappointing, unfulfilled exis..... oh, wait, that's me, but anyway........more
Fair enough. But "them" is me, just for the record. more