Sochi 2014's Opening Ceremony has been a fantastic Cultural Lesson, in spite of all the bad press...

My kids and I loved watching the opening ceremony for the Sochi 2014's Winter Olympics. I had told them in the afternoon that we were going to watch this together at night, and they were excited but did not know what to expect. They had no idea what the Olympics were, so we started by going back to Greece and talking about Mount Olympus: home of the twelve Olympian Gods of the ancient Greek word. That story already was better than any Sonic video-game....more

Dream Big - The US Women's National Soccer Team and My Daughters

The world we live in today is one unlike any other in history for little girls like mine.When we tell them that they can fly into outer space, that they can save lives, that they can run companies, that they can someday become President, we know that we are telling them the truth. They can dream big and know that those dreams are possible. ...more

It's Not About Inclusiveness

Tonight, my mom and I were watching the Olympics, and I was excited to see Oscar Pistorius competing. I'd read about him a few weeks ago and was hoping to catch one of his races. For those who don't know, Pistorius (South Africa) is the first amputee runner to compete in the Olympics (as compared to the Paralympics). He's an amazing athlete, and, as a person with a disability myself, I think it's particularly awesome to see him competing alongside able-bodied athletes. ...more
Yes! Words do matter! That's why I'm not giving up!   Inclusive means to include. I don't think ...more

There's Something about the Olympics

There's just something about the Olympics.  Everybody is watching.  For two weeks it's not some terrible tragedy or incomprehensible act of evil that's keeping the whole world in front of the TV.  There is so much ugliness in the world but the Olympics is something that everyone across the nation can watch and take pride in together.  It's more than just sports.  ...more

[Updates] History in the Making: Top 5 Women Olympic Boxers to Watch

(Editor's Note: For people who have never been a fan of women's boxing before, give it a watch at the London Olympics. You'll be impressed with what you see. Two USA women were in action Monday - Marlen Esparza and Claressa Shields, coming off first round byes and both won their matches. The tournament concludes on August 9th with the Gold Medal match. ~js) While big names like Pacqiao and Mayweather kept men’s boxing in the online conversation during 2009, women’s boxing finally got some press with the August 13th announcement from International Olympic Committee chair Jacques Rogge, telling the world that the 2012 London Olympics would be the first to feature women competing in every single sport, including the final holdout sport of boxing....more

Olympic Moments

I am a sucker for the Olympics. I love the pomp and circumstance. I love the cheesy inspirational advertising. I love the opening ceremonies, the closing ceremonies and everything in between. In 2008 I watched many late night Olympic events live due to repeated trips to the hospital with preterm labor contractions that were actually Braxton-Hicks on steroids. Nurses monitored me and I watched Michael Phelps win his first, second, fifth gold medals....more

5 Olympic Athletes and Their Dogs


Pass the Tissue the Olympics Are Starting

Tonight my entire family will huddle around our television to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. We will ooh and awe at the whatever spectacular show they put on for us as they light the Olympic torch. We will compete to see who can identify the most flags by their country. We will chant U-S-A as they announce our athletes. Inevitable the kids will look at me and ask, “Mom why are you crying?”...more