Canning Peppers and Watching the Debate

Mick and I worked together on cleaning the peppers, prepping them for canning, and garnering all the jars and lids we could muster.  It was going to be a big job tonight.Obama and Romney said frequently during the debate tonight that, "We're on the same page."  They also agreed that foreign policy is a complex task, garnering all the professionals and delegates they can muster.  They looked like they had prepped for what was quite a big job tonight....more @Kraken agreed...but I think funny can be ALSO fearsome! I just love it!more

Romney, Obama Get Scrappy in Debate Over Middle America

Former Gov. Mitt Romney needs Ohio and its 18 precious electoral votes, while President Obama hopes his hefty ad buys blocks his opponent in the Buckeye state where debate watchers took careful notes.But just today, there were whispers in certain circles that Michigan and Pennsylvania might also be in play. ...more
I'd like to know who these respondents are because I don't think they watched the same debate I ...more

Debate #1: Romney Hopes to Inspire

Finally, the first presidential debate hits the national stage Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET giving challenger Mitt Romney plenty of material on the issue of domestic policy to land solid hits on President Barack Obama over arguably his greatest failures as president - the looming dismal economy, $16 trillion in national debt and more than 100 million Americans on some form of government assistance....more