The Obama Obsession: After The Election

One thing America can take into account about the GOP when they're called into accountability for their funky behaviour toward the President Of The United States, is their staunch insistence of "I'm not a racist!" How many times has Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter issued that utterance when making the talk circuit rounds to either make another book sale or talk dirty about the election? There were certain considerations the people of America had to consider when assessing who's better for the country and why....more

A Small Victory

For Love of Country

By Anne Wall “Vote for Love of Country.” This was Mitt Romney’s response to President Obama’s campaign cry, “Vote for Revenge.”These statements define the distinct differences between two leaders. Today, American voters will have a clear choice between two presidential candidates with very different leadership styles and ideologies.While one leader inspires hope, confidence and optimism, the other cries out in desperation for “revenge.” This negative choice of words was unfortunate yet consistent with the negative rhetoric heard throughout this campaign....more

A Little Bit Political

I almost forgot that today is election day. Not because I haven't been thinking about the election (I have). Not because I don't care about the election (I do). In fact, I already voted, by absentee ballot, last week. I almost forgot simply because we're at the Farm since last Wednesday night. When we're here, I have a very hard time keeping track of what day of the week it is. So I forgot, briefly, that today is Tuesday. The Tuesday....more

Five Simple Reasons Why I Will Not Vote for Mitt Romney in the Presidential Election

5. Misrepresentation of his experience in the private sector. Mitt Romney’s job experience in the private sector does not include entrepreneurship or running any business that provided a product or service (with the exception of consulting being framed as a service). In as much, he is not the job creator he would like voters to believe he is. What he has created is a story of hard work being the sole key to his career success. Unfortunately it’s not the type of physical labor and/or sacrifice most of us equate with working our way to the top....more

Everyone Doesn't Do It

Everyone doesn’t do it. Frustrated w/the “everyone does it” mentality of politics?Everyone does it.  It’s an excuse I’ve often heard from my three sons.  And one I’ve heard in political discussions since the 70s.I remember when the Watergate scandal surfaced, during the 1972 election, even my fellow middle schoolers knew the argument – “Everyone does it, Nixon just got caught,” they told me.  They believed it, and they clearly failed to understand the magnitude of what they described as “just cheating.”...more

Race the Unspoken Discussion:PBS Race2012

I have been searching for a way to get involved in this presidential election. I wrote a few pieces a few months back on the voter's rights legislation in Minnesota, Wisconsin,  Texas and elsewhere.  But I still want to make a contribution and have been searching for a meaningful way to do this....more

Salting the Pan in Florida

 In today’s Miami Herald we learn that, once again, United States Attorney General Eric Holder is busy contorting the laws of the land to suit his own purposes. This time – and not at all surprisingly – he is attempting to poison the election well in favor of non-citizens who want to vote in the November election. ...more

Bloggers in the news

I see President Bush accepted an invitation to the White House.  He is helping President Obama's campaign with his presence.  Apparently he forgives all the references to his ineptness in the 2008 to 2012 campaigns. ...more

Top Five Battleground States for 2012

And now for the most interesting part of presidential campaigns - predicting the winners of the closely watched and eternally catered-to swing states.  While states with long-standing political leanings like Massachusetts (Democrat), Texas (Republican), Illinois (Chicago), and Wyoming (Cheney and his neighbors) have already been written off by pundits, a host of other states' electoral votes are up for grabs in November.  Here's my top five picks (with Pennsylvania and Florida close behind)....more
I love how the GOP is spinning the results already. Saying they may lose because of Hurricane ...more