Halfway Through 2012

To be a dad

My kids have it made.All three of them have loving, doting, involved fathers who are the very essence of what it means to be a dad.In all the hubbub of everyday in our lives, I think we all forget that these are the memories we’ll take into our future. This is what we’ll mean by childhood.This is our definition of family. We don’t pay enough attention until it’s passing sometimes.We are many things.Lucky.Loved.Cared for.Provided for.Laughed with.Treasured.Thank you for my children. Thank you for our life....more

New Music / Tanya T6 / "World Is Mine"

  After releasing several buzz singles “Fly Away” and “Silhouette” off her “Pieces” EP, Harlem Singer/Songwriter Tanya T6 is currently finishing up her new mixtape, “Watch Me Take It” dropping July 4, 2012, which is led by the single “World Is Mine”. ...more

Paraskevidekatriaphobia— the fear of Friday the 13th

2012  a bad year for people who suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia — the fear of Friday the 13th…. Maybe those damn mayans had it! Why? …  There are three this year… instead of the usual two…. There was one in 2011. That’s not all. For the first time since 1984, those three Friday the 13ths — Jan. 13, April 13 and July 13 — are exactly 13 weeks apart. But!...more

2012 and Small Business - Better? Worse? or the Same?

Recently I came across a news item that had me scratching my head. While times have been, well, interesting the last few years, I just don't understand what the doom and gloom is all about. If you predict bad times...guess what you'll get? Bad times. Because you've already pre-written a foregone conclusion. ...more
@BlogHer I say better for sure !more

When You Would Rather Text Than Talk

I am not crazy about texting. Sorry! And I have always hated talking on the phone (except when I ...more

Food Trends & Favorite Recipes for 2012

A fantastic year-end post on the blog 59 North by my dear friend, Stockholm-based travel writer Sandra Carpenter, inspired me to take a thoughtful look back at this year in food, and in writes4food. In that spirit, as we look ahead to 2012, here's a look back at my favorite recipes, food trends and impressions from 2011:...more
I just started canning in the fall, but I'm really loving it and I'm excited to see the trend ...more

Have You Fallen Off Track Already in 2012?

Are your big plans for 2012 starting to dissolve already?  You're not alone. When it comes to goals, as reported at LifeHack, "After a few weeks or even days, our enthusiasm dies down, and that spark of inspiration becomes a memory. We know what the goal is, but we no longer have that passion burning inside us and our momentum grinds to a stop."...more

Starting off 2012 right

Hurray it is 2012 and what better way to start off the new year than with a God awful cold,flu,whatever it is. Start the year off with a bang? Nope start it off with itchy watery eyes, sinuses with unending mucus flow, and an unsatiable appetitite for chocolate. Champaign? Yes, but only if it hasn't gone bad :( wow. But, I didn't start off the year alone in this deep dark depth of cold dispare. Yes, my husband is suffering with me. HA. Actually, he was the one who gave me the crud. You know when some people say you share in marriage?...more

Happy New Year!

So it's almost the year of doom 2012....more