Sit Down Danny | 10:53 | English

Sit Down Danny - A One Man Short from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo. ...more

2 Marathons, 3 Half Marathons, PRs, Training Runs - What I've Learned - 2013 Year End Review

As I started thinking about this part year, I just realized that I completed not one but 2 Marathons this year. I PRed a Half in June, and then ran back to back Half Marathons in September. I followed that by a PR run for my last Marathon in November, although it wasn't the race that I wanted. As I type this post I ran 1000 miles for 2013.. not too shabby. Toss in a 5K and numerous training runs, it's been a very memorable and lesson learning year for me. r>What I learned from this year and will tell my future self in 2014: ...more

What Can We Expect in 2013?

The cybercrime landscape is always growing and changing as hackers look for new ways to make money from us. And 2012 was no different as McAfee Labs™ found huge growth in malicious software and activities.As the year closes, McAfee Labs looks ahead to see what is on the horizon for 2013. Here’s the areas they predict that we’ll see growth in and that consumers should be aware of....more

UNITE: 2013 One Word

.My ONE Word for 2013.....UNITE! I love themes and plans.   I'm a writer and I work with words.   I was fascinated by blogs choosing ONE word for their 2013 theme.   I thought long and hard about what ONE word I wanted to use for Ms. MommyHH6.  It had to mean something, it had to be relevant to this blog's mission and goals.  It had to be thought-provoking yet doable.  Yes, I over-thought it and analyzed a bit much but that is ME.   I do it for everything....more

In 2013, Choose Love

My daughter is 17. Before long she will attend University and begin what will be an exciting, beautiful, and wonderful life on her own. I am sure life will throw her the occasional curveball but she's a first rate person, and will handle life and all it's complications with aplomb. We are so very blessed. With family, our urban family, and friends and colleagues that enrich each day with their presence. Abundance is ours, at least of the love kind. We're not much interested in any other kind....more
Hey there, Elizabeth! Your post could not be more welcomed. I have been trying to get a few ...more

Cracking the shell on 2013

I (gasp) made some resolutions this year. And you know, for the first year (ever) they’re not things like lose weight or write a novel.Nope. I’ve decided I’m ok with the extra girth I’ve apparently taken to raise. I’m not unhealthy. I’m cutting my losses.As for writing, I do want to do more. But I’m not creating it as a goal to guilt myself with. It happens when it happens.My resolutions are more…me. More in line with what will really make me happy and not with what I feel is expected of me....more

Kitchen Think: 2013 Food Trends

Wanna know where food and drink are going in 2013? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Mama’s scoured the internet for food trends and predictions for the upcoming year. Would you believe:• You’ll be drinking more wine out of a box• Eating more sauerkraut and• Taking more photos of the food you eat?That’s where the trend trackers say we’re headed in the New Year. Here are a few more…...more

Top 5 Planners for 2013

This is a very exciting week for me.  I get to talk to you about something that I use every single day of my life.  Something I’ve been using for as long as I can remember.  Something I’m absolutely obsessed with.Any guesses?!...more

2013 Resolutions - The Relaxed Way

 I read an article the other day from the Editor-in-Chief, Jill Herzig of the magazine, Redbook. She titled it, "Relax your Resolutions". What a great idea. Why didn't I think of it? ...more

Dr. Romance Happiness Tip: A Year of Peace

Dr. Romance writes:Happy New Year, everyone!  This is the time when a lot of energy is spent on making resolutions, most of which we don’t manage to keep. So, this year, especially given recent tragic events,  I propose a different kind of resolution. Will you join me in resolving to create a year of peace?...more