Reaching your goals -- no sweat!!

Through one of my previous posts about sticking to New Year's resolutions -- I re-visited a website that I believe is worth checking out. Whether you set a goal to stay in shape, eat healthier, drop a few pounds or even getting a better job, this website offers a way to set goals and keep yourself accountable. It's called stickK. So simply select your goal and follow through with a timeline. Check it out.... ...more

2013 - time to try something new

2012 was a bag of mixed nuts as far as I'm concerned. There was a lot of really great stuff that happened; I had opportunities to travel, to make music, to coach leaders, to have lunch and happy hour with friends, to garden, to read and knit and even nap. ...more

Steps to Setting Attainable Goals in 2013!

Changing your weight or body shape is the resolution made at New Years, but usually the proposed change that’s dropped is the workout. ...more

Spend Less Save More 2013 Goals

2013's Goals ...more

Make 2013 YOUR year!

You know what I love about the new year? It’s a chance to start over, to create something huge, to make a difference in at least one life, even if that life is merely yours — especially if that life is yours.It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, a time when we can say all those cupcakes we indulged in don’t count because it’s the first day of a new year and better eating habits start today!...more