The State of Poetry in America?

The day after President Obama's second inauguration, I read an article from The Washington Post titled Is Poetry Dead?.  The author of this post, Alexandra Petri, based her argument on the allegedly dismal state of American poetry on the inaugural poem "One Today" ...more

Big Media and the Herd Mentality of Party Politics Create More Crises Than They Solve

Salon’s David Sirota today offered an article instructing Progressives to “check their optimism” when it comes to President Obama’s inauguration speech and what it might bode for his second term.  He stated that although Obama strung “together the most tried, true and poll-tested applause lines,” Sirota pointed out that no sentence “was as appropriate yet also dissonant as President Obama’s assertion that America should not “treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”  Sirota states:...more

Vice President Biden and Rock the Green Inaugural Ball

The Green Inaugural Ball was a blast: part rock concert, part political rally, part fashion show, and definitely part food feast....more
Sounds like a great evening! I am so impressed that it was nearly zero waste. This just proves ...more