Ready for the Party?!?

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Four Web Design Trends for 2013

No matter how happy I am with my web and blog design, there is just something about the New Year that makes me want to jump in and re-vamp. Rather than spend my time doing that, I thought I would give you a glimpse of the design trends for 2013, and what you can expect from Elaine Griffin Designs in the coming year. ...more
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One Day

Resolutions...the bane of every new year.  How many of us actually follow through with the incredibly lofty goals we set each January 1st?  I'm lucky if I hit one!In that are some one day resolutions.  Easy things you can complete today and brag about fulfilling a resolution.  Here goes:1.  Go through your make up bag and throw away the old stuff.  Admit are never going to wear that bright blue eye shadow...let it go!...more

Making Resolutions Stick

I love the opportunity to start over fresh. Whether it be a new day, new week, new job, we are constantly presented with the choice to change our attitudes and our lives. Now, a new year is right around the corner. Millions of Americans will jump on the opportunity to start over with New Year's Resolutions.And I'm all for it! I'll make a few resolutions of my own as well. Most of those Americans will probably fail at their resolutions before January is even over. Some will make it to February, but very few will go much further....more

So What!?!? Resolutions


The holidays are over.  Hopefully, you made it through with a minimum of stress and even less of a hangover!What's on your agenda for the new year?  Have you made a list of resolutions or are you playing it by ear?Personally, my goal for this year is to move beyond just surviving and re-enter the land of the living.  The changes that happened last year are done, it's time for a new plan....more

2013 Is Finally Here!

A little of what 2012 brought/what I'm thankful for....more

Happy New Year!!

New Year, New Expectations

In a couple of hours, we will journey into the year of 2013. On New Year's Eve, most people are out partying and celebrating a New Year to come; some however, may prefer to have small celebrations at home with loved ones. But how many of you are actually taking a few minutes to look back at the events that have occurred in your life this past year? If you are not at the moment, I can tell you that I am doing a review of 2012 in my head right now, as we speak....more