Fashion Friday: Southern Beauty

Today, my Fashion Friday feature is none other than Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog. She gets a feature all her own, because... well, because she's Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog. In blogging circles, Rhoda is one of the coolest ladies in the room, so I am honored to feature her here....more

Fashion Trends – The Dropped Crotch Pants

Dropped Crotch PantsMost agree that the dropped crotch pants are a controversial topic in fashion today. There are many fashion trends that are either here to stay or making their transition and we quickly find ourselves onto the next thing.Personally I love clothes that are timeless for a few reasons:...more

Introducing: The Nude Label, Spain

VINTAGE LINGERIE FOR THE MODERN, LAZY GALI'm not what you might call a girly girl. If you had to classify me by one of those "What's Your Street Style?" slideshows, I'd definitely fall in the tomboy / #cozygirl variety. ...more

Daisy Fuentes Spring & Fall 2014 Fashion Preview

Daisy Fuentes is celebrating 10 years of creating fashion or Kohl’s. -PJ Gach...more

My Husband, Without His Knowledge or Permission, Is a Hipster

DanaBowman This is how this all went down:I am clearing out the husband’s closet.  I am not especially sure why I am doing this task, except that cleaning the cat box was also on my to-do list, and I decided to postpone it for the pleasure of purging some pleated Dockers. (Say that fast twice.)And then, I spied them.Suspenders....more

Little Black Dress vs. Little White Dress

Everyone has their favorite little black dress. You know the one- It’s the dress for when you want to look fabulous, have nothing else to wear, and you know a few spilled drops of wine are imminent, but they will go unnoticed. Rejoice!The LBD is great. It’s easy, and you can get away with not ironing the thing! It’s safe. Or so you think....more

20 Gorgeous Clutches for Every Budget

Clutches are coming back. They’re made from everything from wood to Perspex. You can find them in faux leather, snake, appliquéd, studded…if you can think of a clutch, there’s one out there waiting for you to adopt it and take it home....more
Aren't they gorgeous! Thanks or taking the time to comment. Who doesn't love some arm candy!more

Fashion Friday: Bangles and Bracelets

Thank Goodness, it's Friday! Welcome once again, to Fashion Friday. Today is all about wearing bangles, bracelets and cuffs. With this in mind, I made a bee-line to my favorite jewelry store in my fair city, Estate Jewelers of Fairhope. I'm in a first name relationship with the owner, Julie. And, because she also has beautiful hands, she is my model for today's post. I hope you enjoy it....more