How to wear the Tropical/ Hawaiian Trend and Nail it!

 My Roar May Be Little Now... But I'm Taking Voice Lessons!Alela Sirah...more

Kickstarting your dream – Why crowd funding sites are a God sent for millions of working moms like me.

It was late in the evening, May 14th 2014, after putting my babies to sleep, I nervously clicked on the “LAUNCH” button and for the first time felt my heart sink and soar at the same time, a weird nervous feeling I am not sure I have ever felt before.  That was the day I launched my kickstarter project at, a business idea born out of my personal frustration of not being able to find cute and stylish swimwear styles that also covered the back.  But like many of you reading this, I always thought I don't have the time but more importantly, I don't have the mone...more