Looking Back On Our 20s: By Jen Oliak

 I've been thinking about my past lately. Thinking about the stages in my life that...more

Hiding away in college


Being A Perpetual Adolescent

There is something seriously wrong with my generation. And I am speaking for myself, as well as many countless anonymous others. I truly hate to generalize...but it's something I've noticed, now more than ever. Even in myself, although I'm a bit embarrassed to state so. What is it? We just don't seem to want to grow up. We're perpetual adolescents....more

Your 30-Something Self to Your 20-Something Self: Don't Hurry Love.

Hunky Actor Boyfriend and I were speaking to each other about our 20s over breakfast last weekend. More and more lately, I've looked back on my 20s with disbelief. How could I not see the things I see so clearly now? How could I make the mistakes I made, and how, through all of it, did I manage to end up here anyway, thankfully *not* married to the wrong person, *not* divorced, thankfully still striving for my dreams? Hunky Actor Boyfriend had similar experiences, and yet there we both sat in the NoHo Diner in Los Angeles, far from our 20-something lives. ...more

I'm glad my post inspired you to write about your own thoughts on being 30+! Interesting stuff. ...more