10 things you do differently when you have a family member with mental illness

The following list is written from my own experience living with my younger brother who suffers from a mental illness which makes him withdrawn most of the time with occasional hysterical episodes.  ...more

5 reasons to spend more time with your girl friends

Since my recent breakup from my boyfriend of 5 years, I have spent a lot more time with my friends. I didn’t even realise how little I was seeing them until we started hanging out more. Who needs a boy when you have great girl pals there to support you? Here are 5 reasons why you should spend more time with your girl friends. ...more

Why have I been taught to hate my hair?

My first underarm hair related memory happened when I was in primary school. I was around 10 years old. My best friend and I used to shower together in that innocent way kids do before they learn to be self-conscious about their bodies. My friend had recently asked that we use the shower one at a time and covered herself up with a towel as soon as she exited the shower. So while we still used the bathroom at the same time, we waited our turn (It was around now that I learned to cover up my body and avert my eyes when someone was naked)....more

Let it Grow - does Frozen really support feminism?

'Let It Grow' The hair grows thick on my legs tonightNot a razor to be seenUnder my arms is natural,How foolish I have been...more

Hollywood love - obsession to possession

No wonder my relationships fall apart when I have been taught how to love by Hollywood. This culture teaches you that love is obsession. Me: Hollywood, how do I know when I in love? ...more

How to remember people's names

Remembering someone’s name is one of the easiest ways to make friends. When you remember someone’s name and use it when you talk to them it conveys interest. People feel like you care about them as a person. And they, in turn, begin to care about you. Remembering people’s names is a skill that is required in most professions and appears to predict likability and success in many careers....more

Not so Suddenly 30

 When I was a kid I watched this movie called Suddenly 30. It was about this 13 year old girl who wished so hard that she was 30 that - poof! - it happened. If only life worked like this!I am in my early 20s. And I am learning - or at least am trying to learn - how to be woman in this world. I would liken my 20s to one of those books where you get to pick your own adventure. ...more

Stay Hot Like Raquel Welch by Starting Healthy Habits While Young

There is one undeniable silver lining to being in your twenties -- you're young and beautiful, naturally.  So enjoy it every minute of it. While looks do fade over time, there's hope! If you start taking care of yourself now, you can remain stunning well into your elderly years. I'm not exaggerating: I come prepared with proof that you can stay hot into your later years. ...more
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The Ex factor

I have a lot of ex's- some of them boyfriends, some of them people I was dating for a while, some of them just hook up buddies, even some I just crushed on for a moment. They are all ex's of some kind....more
I dated a guy for 6 years and he is now my best friend and we live together. At a certain point ...more