30 Day Challenge: Wake Up Earlier Week 3 & Final Recap

I did it!I finished my 30 Day Challenge to wake up earlier....more

Empty to Faith-FULL in 30 days

It’s up! It’s Ready! Are you?Empty to Faith-FULL in 30 days is waiting for you  under our newest section You Can Do It!I know you’ll love it. I hope you’ll share it. I pray you will be forever changed.Here’s your Faith-FULL 1,2,3 and 4#1 Decide#2 Take it day by day#3 Enjoy the journey#4 #GoBeLove...more

30 for 30 Move It Challenge

If you follow me on Facebook then you may have seen my 30 for 30 Move It Challenge.  My challenge to myself and all of you is to move for 30 minutes every day for the next 30 days....more

March Fitness Challenge week 3

OMG, this challenge is killing me! March Fitness Challenge Week 3 is done! One more week and we will be done with this dang challenge. ...more

March Fitness Challenge Week 2


What is Enough? (Day ONE-30 Day Challenge)

Welcome to Day ONE of my 30-day challenge. I encourage you to get your Bible, your favorite pen, a journal and a steaming cup of coffee. (You really should think about trying coconut cream if you want to copy what I am currently sipping! It. Is. Delightful!) Get ready to write and underline in that Bible. It will be okay, I promise. Writing all through mine has been a huge help to me in making God’s Word come alive. I love to see what God says to me when I read the verses I’ve underlined and the notes I’ve written beside them. It really does make it easy to apply this ‘head’ knowledge....more

Whole 30 Challenge

Day 1, meal 1 done and done... So today marks the day I begin my whole 30 challenge. If you are familiar with Paleo, then understand, as my box describes it, it is Paleo on steroids... On steroids no, probably just a little more disciplined than regular Paleo. As the whole 30 website explains, this is not hard, battling cancer is hard. This is just 30 days, but again- day 1, so what do I know. You are probably wondering what kind of a perv I am talking about my box. Nope My box is the perv. Its what the Crossfit gym is called. gym= box....more