Announcing PepsiCo's Second Annual Sofa Summit at BlogHer'11: Embracing Fortytude

This year at the second annual Sofa Summit at BlogHer'11, Partner Sponsor PepsiCo will be bringing back Gatorade President North America and Global CMO Sports Nutrition, Sarah Robb O'Hagan to lead a conversation with Sarah Brokaw, the author of Fortytude: Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your Life ... through the 40s, 50s and Beyond. Brokaw will discuss the five traits women can adopt to grow older with confidence and joy....more

Sounds like a book to read, and am hoping to be at the event!

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The Ruffle Conspiracy

I noticed something a few months ago, around the same time that a good friend of mine noticed the same thing.  Something that is very, very, very wrong.  Something that was still wrong when I was out again yesterday.  Something that clearly points to a conspiracy.We'd both been looking for clothes for the new Spring/Summer season, for ourselves.  Which is just weird to begin with since both of us tend to buy our kids far more than we ever get for ourselves.  Neither of us had much luck.  So much for good intentions.  ...more

LUST: Damned if we give into it, damned if we don't

As my divorced girlfriend Amy told me about a recent first date she went on, she was practically squealing.  For not only was her date smart, funny and gentlemanly, she was...more

5 Things I Have Learned in My 30s

Getting older occasionally has its advantages. One thing we hope for is a little bit of wisdom here and there. I would never claim to be wise -- I'll leave that to the old bearded man sitting on top of the mountain -- but I do think I've learned a few things in my 30s. Each piece of wisdom I have gained was there for the taking earlier in life, but perhaps because of the phase of life I was in, I was unable to see it. As my wise father always says, "It's developmental." But maybe if I shed a little light on a few of my own secrets, I can help a few others ...more

I learned that looking at external things like keeping up with the Joneses never will make me ...more

Your 30-Something Self to Your 20-Something Self: Don't Hurry Love.

Hunky Actor Boyfriend and I were speaking to each other about our 20s over breakfast last weekend. More and more lately, I've looked back on my 20s with disbelief. How could I not see the things I see so clearly now? How could I make the mistakes I made, and how, through all of it, did I manage to end up here anyway, thankfully *not* married to the wrong person, *not* divorced, thankfully still striving for my dreams? Hunky Actor Boyfriend had similar experiences, and yet there we both sat in the NoHo Diner in Los Angeles, far from our 20-something lives. ...more

I'm glad my post inspired you to write about your own thoughts on being 30+! Interesting stuff. ...more