32 weeks pregnant: time for a baby shower!

Yep, we’re getting into the last weeks of baby cooking at my house. Which means: it’s baby shower time! This weekend Rick’s family threw me and the baby bean a beautiful shower – seriously, could the weather have been any better? And seriously, is my belly reallygoing to keep getting bigger? I’d like this to be the biggest belly size I see, please! Anyway, after this baby shower my child now has more clothes than I do and almost as many pairs of shoes....more

My hubby has pregnancy symptoms, too

At this point in my pregnancy, I’m used to all of the new symptoms that seem to crop up on a weekly basis. I’m semi-used to sharing my belly with the bean, who seems to take up more space every.single.day. But one thing that I never even expected to have to get used to was Ricky having his own form of pregnancy symptoms....more

Ten things you don't know about me

Since we’re friends and all now, I thought it was high time I told you guys a little more about who I am when I’m NOT blogging.1. I’m not that into texting. Literally the only person I regularly communicate with via text message is my hubby. I do generally eventually respond to people via text, but it can take me a few days. So if you text me and it takes some time to get back to you, I apologize!...more