How the visual thinker can plan for the holidays

How digital media can help with the hustle and bustle of holiday planning...more


Tinsel & Tine has a REALLY great GIVEAWAY! The BEST we've EVER had! You can win tickets to THE MARVEL EXPERIENCE coming to Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia) June 19th - July 5th....more

Watching 3D boosts your cognitive skills

The next time your 13-year-old nephew tries to tell you that 3D makes you smart, don't roll your eyes; nod your head.A new study in London did a bunch of cognitive tests on people and then had them watch 3D movies. On the more than 100 people in the experiment, the average results were after the 3D movie were:1. 23% increase in cognitive processing2. 11% boost in reaction timesThis is AFTER the movie, not during. The boost last about 20 minutes after the movie ended....more

Create Your Own 3d Heart Tags

Do you need a little something small but significant for your gifts? I thought these would be good to add to my ever-growing collection of tags as they can be gender-neutral depending on the colors you choose. Add a little white ink, flank the 3d heart with "I"/"We" and "You" to read as:I (or We)  <heart> youand you've got yourselves a sweet sentiment for your loved ones....more

The Pirates! A Band of Misfits

So, if you saw my Five on Friday from last week, you know that I was anticipating going to this film. One problem.  I thought it opened last week, but no. * sadness-pouting * But the day finally arrived, and got to see The Pirates! Band of Misfits Friday afternoon....more

Forty Three Dollars For A Movie??

My eleven year old daughter and her friend love “Glee”, and they have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Glee movie. Sadly, money has been stupidly tight this summer, but I had promised we’d go see it as soon as it came out, and Yikes! That was today. I had foolishly forgotten that it was in 3D. I know it’s in the title and all, but somehow I forgot that we’d have to spend extra for the thrill of 3D. Forty three dollars later my daughter, her best friend and I walked into a matinee showing of the movie....more

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon - Movie Review

Question: Did your mom ever tell you she walked to school, uphill both ways, and in the snow when you complained about walking somewhere? I got very close to saying something like that when I told my kids I was taking them to see Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon but they complained when I told them we were going to walk to the movie theater. "Ugh. No! Mom, come on. Do we have to?" I kept silent for a moment - collected myself and simply said, "Yes."...more

3D Stupidity

 I let the Hubby talk me into seeing this STUPID movie. He owes me big time for the pain and suffering I endured for 88 minutes.  ...more

"Coraline" In 3D A Real Gift For The Senses

 We are huge Neil Gaiman fans in this household, and Coraline is currently my six-year-old daughter's "favorite book ever," with her second-favorite being Russell's graphic novelization of Coraline, so there was no question of our family not going to see Henry Selick's new animated feature film based on Gaiman's book. ...more

How touching.  I'd seen some of the press kits including the button box in Flickr streams, ...more